Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Stains everywhere (Part 1)

To make it possible for me to see my girls during lunchbreak, I opt for having a babysitter staying near my office. Both girls are normally asleep when we carry them to the car every morning and during the trip to the offices.
Here's a conversation that I have with hubby on last Saturday on the way back, in the car.

papa22beas: *with a serious look on his face* Did you ever noticed some white stain on my
uniform, on the right shoulder. It is there everyday you know. Any idea what, I've
been wondering about it?

mama22beas: *trying to be a submittive wife that she is, she felt a bit guilty* I never noticed it
when I iron it, well I never really bothered to inspect your shirt when I dump it in
the washer. Could it be bird's dropping? (Birds just love our balcony) But how
come, it is at the same spot everyday.

papa22beas: I thought it could the paint stain (got it when he 'tergesel' his body against it), but come everyday at the same spot!

Realising the blurred me was still too far from solving the mystery, papa22beas decided to cut the whole conversation short.

papa22beas: It is "AIR LIUR BASI" anak awak la....what else.

Upon hearing that, I laughed till I almost peed in my pants (being pregnant adds more to feeling of the need to frequent the toilet). He got it while carrying sleeping Bea1 on his shoulder. Well it was not funny for him...and asked me for a solution. I just said I'd remind him to place a small towel over the shoulder from then on.

On the other incidents, I used to go the work with the smell of baby's puke...It was stronger than my perfume, in a split second I was thinking to pour some of the car air freshener on my shirt to 'cover' it up, but later changed my mind...if people ask, why should I embarrased to say that it was just my baby's puke and I did not have the time to go back and change.

And one day, I had shit stain on my pant. A strong shit stain that just would not go away with just water and handwash liquid that I found in the office toilet. I had to have lunch with a Professor in a labcoat that day.

I do not really mind all this, as I can just look back and laugh at it. But still, hubby never thinks 'air liur basi' on his shoulder is funny!


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