Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lunchbreak with Bea1

I was not supposed to eat KFC, and I'm tired of most of what they have in the menu except for....the icecream jelly (I had a craving for this thing for both of my previous pregnancies, too)! I went to see the girls as usual, but Bea2 was already napping. Bea1 woke up a bit late, so most likely would skip the afternoon nap. She was sooooo excited when she saw me at the door.....and all I could think of was the icecream jelly, and the newly-opened drive-thru KFC just outside the campus.

I gave her a hug and whispered to her that we were going to KFC, just the two of us. It was such a pleasant surprise for her, and she happily waved goodbye to the babysitter.

Bought a ChickyMeal for her (well I got to eat it as she alredy had her lunch), she got so excited with the colouring book, the crayons, colour pencils and some sort of a game that came with it. She said she would let Sihah (another girl at the babysitter's) has the crayons as she already has a lot at home. How sweet..... and while colouring the book, she asked me about Bea2, and why did not I bring her together (they are hardly away from one another). I reminded her that Bea2 was napping, and asked her was she not happy to spend some time alone with mama. She just smiled.

I used to have lunches everyday with hubby before his office moved to Shah Alam early last year. I really enjoyed every bit of it, being able to talk to him without any distraction, though the frequent phone calls from his colleagues did irritate me sometimes. For over a year, I normally have lunch not really have a lot of time for that as half of the break I already spend with the girls. Normally I eat at my table in the lab.

I will start on a new job in May as a lecturer...or rather not so new as I used to be a tutor in the same department a few years ago. I'm entitled to have my own room and soon I will have more lunches with the girls (in my room). And I will be moving to our new apartment in a few months time. As it is only 5 minutes drive from the office, I plan to even bring the girls home and have lunch at home.....wishful thinking!


Blogger 5xmom said...

Hahaha, pompit is lyza.

Looks like everything falls nicely into place, after all, ya? How funny that at one point, you were worrying about this and that and what ifs.

8:39 PM  
Blogger chrissy said...

jeles betul i! how i wish i can do the same as you are. it'll be so good to have your kids & home near your working place. i go crazy every day when tackling the horrible traffic to & from work that i wanna move the house into my office! hehe :)

11:45 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Lil, thx...yeah, no more worry about overseas trips. The new job requires travelling too but mostly locally, and for overseas plan is always to bring the family with me.

chrissy, I've been planning this long time ago...the choice of job, the PhD, the apartment are done with one thought in mind:family. Now I can see things fall niceli into place. I will most likely blog about it one day.

2:04 PM  

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