Thursday, July 10, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

We've been safely home for two days, got so many things to blog but time does not permit, kids are still having bad jetlag. In fact, I'm writing at home now, while they are in bed at almost 1 pm.

With a lot more to share from our recent trip, it never occured to me that I'd be sharing this first:

We've been having one surprise after another for the past 4 years that this one is not that surprising that much.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the news to really sink in. I'm trying to be calm, I always want to have a huge family so this is great.

Just need to prepare, to plan ahead for work etc.

I banged on the other bathroom door to get hubby out, he knew it was positive...but upon seeing it, he asked "what two lines mean, a twin?", with a huge grin, and trying to calm me down said "at least now we have a double stroller (that we bought in the UK)".

I know this is another blessing, I didn't know that while being excited for Lyza upon knowing she's preggie again, I already had little bud growing in me! Ok now, pile on the congrats notes.


Blogger amira shasmeen said...

..and I am so totally amused anad in awe of you, Ros ... I am still very nervous with the arrival of my second one ..and here u r,... so jolly jolly with the news of your fifth .... I think I might be running out of hats already to take off to you. Alhamdulillah and hope both of us have a smooth sailing journey .... Insyaallah..


5:01 PM  
Blogger chanelwong said...

Congrats to you !!!!!

6:46 PM  
Anonymous eida said...

murah rezeki betul la...tahniah
jgn lupa tambah ticker

11:51 PM  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Congratssssssssssssss!! I really dont know how u can do it all, Tabik!! May u have a safe & smooth sailing pregnancy

3:13 PM  
Blogger Yatie said...

ros... congratssss........... alhamdulillah..rezeki bertambah...nampaknye satu kapal dgn my sis...

1:28 PM  
Anonymous beckysmum said...

Congratulation!!! So happy for you!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

FIVE EKS MOM!!!!!!! Or is it SIX EKS MOM????

Wuah, so happy for you. Congrats banyak-banyak.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Madre said...

congratulations! I really admire you! Been reading ur post on mymomsbest on breastfeeding. Am truly inspired by your dedication.

:) a silent reader

10:48 AM  
Blogger WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Wow Congrats.

Long time no drop by, skali drop by...another new addition(s) to the family. Take care,

11:11 AM  
Blogger mjey said...

Ros - I just dunno how you do it! Really man!! CONGRATULATIONS!!....SALUTE U!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Moo mommy said...

Oh... congrates... another 5X mom! tabik tabik...

4:37 PM  
Blogger Mommy Hafiy said...

congrats!doing bloghopping n found yours!congrats again..tabik lah!

5:31 PM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Congratulations! Now you'll have more and more love to spread around your home. :)

6:42 PM  
Anonymous mamanuzulnzaid said...

ros... congrats... macam tak percaya je you pregnant lagi... tahniah sekali lagi... murahnye rezeki...

12:37 AM  
Blogger bluewonder said...


been a long time since I dropped by your blog..tak sangka lak ada berita menggembirakan.

anyway congrats. hope u'll have an easy pregnancy. Dont worry they all grow up very no 5 which I delivered end of 2006 is running around time flies...

take care

5:50 PM  

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