Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look! What's new in blogosphere

I'm pretty sure those who own and read blogs are aware that more people are into blogs these days. I'm talking about the politicians, as I read in that one section in the Star where they have interviews with the new MPs. All that I read around 5, maybe is either just started, or about to start or considering to start a blog.

And just now, I got to now that even chedet himself has a blog.

So now am I excited? Despite several times that I thought of clicking the delete button, my heart was just so stubborn to tell me to stay. And despite that I'm still struggling to get a feed link to my blog, I just went ahead and started a new one already.

And nope, politic is just something that I read, digest and comment if I need to but not write. I only write about my passion (read freakiness).Inspired by the word written by my eldest girl on almost all the furnitures and the walls, in her way to make the apartment into an ikea showhouse, I thought I just need to blog it. And of course I'm not paid for that.

To all Ikea fans and freaks, alike welcome to ikealiving. If you are not an Ikean, don't bother. But if you insist, be prepared with a puke bucket. You've been warned;).


Anonymous KittyCat said...

Will you have decorating tips? I definitely need some now :)

6:51 PM  
Blogger m said...

Oh noooo...I'm almost useless with that, that's why I choose Ikea. Even that, the house is far like the showhouse. But we are trying, and when I think it deserves to have pics posted in this blog, I would share it here.

2:50 AM  

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