Friday, February 01, 2008

We're going places (Part 4) - It's Danau Toba now

I've been up since 5 am and was torn between getting started to pack, or doing more research for the trip, or reading more material about the work or updating the blog. I've been doing the 'lipas kudung' act for days, luckily I normally start the day at the office late and have the lunchtime with the kids. That's what make me rejuvenated every time I thought that I wanted to drop everything.

We welcomed a co-researcher from the UK yesterday, praying that he would have the patience as he is a father of two young kids, we brought him to dinner last night. He is such a nice guy, telling me over and over that he is ok with kids, he would be happy with whatever that I've planned during his stay.

To me, the plan trip to the UK is still very much a plan. I'm still considering if it will be worth it, I mean I can just send a student to do the job and put the money aside for something else, getting more in the piggy bank to have something bigger than our current shoebox, maybe;).

But, this guy has started to give me ideas, and tell people of the plan to have me there. Can't help myself but to imagine how it would be like, must be nice, that's all I can think off now. Still, the best thing it is up to me to decide.

Well, still have time to think about it. He just did a seminar yesterday, we will be heading to Medan today. We will return on Monday night. Someone from the other U persuaded me to get him to talk at his place, so a little change of plan. He will do it on Wednesday. We will be doing fieldwork here, I mean part of Perak during the holiday.

A good friend, someone who introduced me to my husband, the best man during the wedding, who was with us during all the births of the kids, is having a wedding in Sabah on next Saturday. I just think that it would be out of mind to miss that. I even have a plan to do day-trip, and even suggested to hubby to invite our guest to experience it. Well, again, that's just a plan

More "lipas kudung" act ahead for me. But I'm more excited, a little jittery as always. Here's a pic to share, I asked Bea1 to help packing for our previous trip and this is what I get:
It's cute, isn't? One of the reasons I just love doing this with them.

Off to packing now, when it is still quiet and without the 'help'. And feels nice to finally express here.

Wish us luck...and thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


Blogger NUR said... hopping from Casa Arina..nice blog & cute children..happy weekend 2 U!

2:57 PM  
Blogger D said...

wow - not been bloghopping for yonks! You have really being going places!!!! And I have been cooped up here... NEver mind, come March, I too want to go places (if the purse permits!)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thanks Nur..took a peek at yours too!

D..whenever that may be, looking for the stories in your blog.

11:56 PM  

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