Friday, January 04, 2008

We're going places (Part 1)

Getting 5 passports done

Yup, that's for the all 4 plus a renewal for me. With the help of the babysitter's grown-up daughter, I braced through the immigration with all 4 in tow yesterday. Just a bit of info for those who do not know yet. Now each kid must has own passport (Bea1 asked "what's a passport" I just went "'s a small red booklet'..that's all hehe), RM 150 each for the fee. They giggled when the thumbprints taken, but it is not required from the wee one. But we need to change the pic when he turns 2 years old.

Alhamdulillah, it was a breeze (but tiring for the adults) 11/2 hours, staff were helpful, kids running around while I filled in the 5 forms with a trembling hand. Photo session was actually pleasant and full of laughter, they were cooperating well, inc. Adel. 3 of us have relatively good passport pics. Bea2 has to live seeing her face with a huge rash under her chin for 5 years, and before I could laugh at her I realised mine was even worse. No make-up, shiny face and looked haggard and 10 years older...urghhh, another shitty passport pic!

Well 3 out of 5 is not bad, and the man there said he would blow-up Adel's and paste it at the door, such a good pic for a small baby, he said.

It would take 2 hours, since we went there in the afternoon, we were supposed to collect them today. Well, collecting might not be hard but the staff dropped the bombshell, I have to bring the kids again. Will only go on Monday, I really need some rest from the hassle.

My regular readers may know where we're heading, but for those who are not, I'd show the places in the form of Google Earth:

First to Bukittinggi-Maninjau next week later to Medan-Danau Toba early February.
Later to Aberystwyth (never got the spelling right la this one) in May, plan to travel to Bristol too...tee hee hee. But this one is still subject to the availability of the moolah, and really have to consider a lot of things before spending half of my arm and a leg for that.
And if you think that's for holiday...nope, that's for work, at least to me. And that involves a lot of outing for field observation and sampling. Think I mention many times that I just love my job;).
As for hubby and kids, we will think of some activities for them later, the most important thing now the the first two trips are confirmed.
Will be back for updates!


Blogger Yatie said...

during our visit to do their passport , ashraff was more excited with tumbprint...while afriena not really into it as she was still small.but i don't really like spending time at immgration as it's not baby freindly at all., is there any baby frienglyhere?

9:15 AM  
Blogger ninuk said...

baca the itenary nya pun dah letih. good luck !

5:04 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said..., no facilities for baby but the staff are helpful tahnk God.

ninuk...will try to make the most of the trips, dok umah pun letih juga;)

2:03 AM  

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