Thursday, April 28, 2005

3 days, 3 nights stay in Pead 5, UMMC

In the midst of helping to organise a gift-giving event for mothers of sick kids in UMMC, I never thought that I'd be one of them. Bea1 was warded after having fever and cough. The doctors diagnosed her as having broncho pneumonia, and after getting the antibiotic jabs and nebuliser 4 times daily, she is a lot better. However, before letting us discharged the doctor took another blood sample to test if she has any microorgasm infection, and urine sample for urinary tract infection. Till now, we have not received any call yet, so we take that as good news. However Bea1 has to continue taking the antibiotic for a week. She normally hates medicine but I thank God that the Augmentin just tastes nice.

Even in a hospital, it was generally a pleasant stay for me. Well, initially not for Bea1 but I will write about it in another blog. The staffs were just nice and the doctors were wonderful. We shared the bathroom with a few other mothers/fathers besides the little patients but it was just ok for me. It actually comes with hot shower, I only found out about that on the last day.

The ward is a huge ward, and it is divided into about 6 sections. However only 3 sections are being used. The section that we stayed in had the most patients and at the end of hall, there is a cabinet where they placed a huge TV, well it is not being used as no power point on that wall. I noticed a sticker saying that there are books donated by Mayban in the cabinet. I was a bit excited as on the first night, we forgot to bring any book. When I asked the staff, they said they just could not find the key. I was a bit dissapointed but asked hubby to bring some from home.

Bea1 stayed in bed most of the time, a bit weak from not eating for a few days. Or maybe she was not in the mood as the human-faced monsters who got nothing better to do except to scare little kids (er ...I mean the doctors and nurses) were everywhere. However she was up and about on the 3rd night, and while walking around the huge ward, she discovered another cabinet and it was not locked. She squeeled with laughter when she opened it and saw many books inside it. She and another girl rummaged the cabinet. I saw quite a number of Enid Blyton series, some toddlers books, a few baby books and two huge stacks of old books (the rope that tied them were still intact) of some "buku pelajaran" which kids uses in school. They really look old and obviously they were never been used (in the ward), maybe the syllabus has changed. The other books also obviously had been donated but looking at the excitement on the two girls' faces while flipping the pages, I wish they have a better collections of books suitable for the little patients and silently wished I could do something about it.

Outside the ward, at the corridor, there is a Little Tikes playhouse. I believe it was also donated, it looked a bit old but kids would never be bothered about it. They just love it. Think Bea1 loves it more than her IKEA castle that hubby just bought her, it is more homey and being a Little Tikes, sturdier. I popped my head through the little window and I saw a kitchen counter, and a chopping board but something really turned me off. A foul smell came from inside it, especially when the girl lifted the chopping board. I just though some kids probably had spilled some food there earlier, or maybe long time ago. As much as I love seeing my girl and the other kids played in it, I also freaked out when they touched anything in it.

Those were a few things that I've been thinking since we were discharged from the hospital. I told hubby I must do something about the playhouse fast. All I need is a man or two to push it to the nearest water tap, I will bring my own brush, detergent and dettol, and just give me about one hour to finish the job. I will approach someone to ask permission for that, and hope no one will laugh on my face.

When the doctor dropped the bombshell that Bea1 had to be admitted, I felt really bad and asked myself what had I done wrong. But I believe everything must has reasons behind it, and what happened to me just makes me open my mind to think about a lot of other things. That man who only had his first child after almost 20 years of marriage, and despite his child being in and out of the hospital, I could still see smiles on his face all the time. And a 13-year old who said to me "well what to do Auntie, that's life" while talking about her illness and her family. And the little girl who became friend to Bea1, (despite the constant scolds from her mother to stop looking at the books as to her she would no understand a thing), ignored her mother and continued to flip through the pages and giggled at anything she found funny. When I looked back, the hospital stay is not that bad after all.


Blogger Twinsmom said...

mama22beas, I guess not many mom have the "third eye" like you can see beyond so many things for few night stay in hospital.
as for the books, I guess not that many patient interested on it, especially in UMMC, I bet a lot patient who stay there are form lower income family, and the parents not as interested in like us, may be that is the reason the cabinet got locked, old and not being use.
Hope Bea1 get well soon :).

9:27 PM  
Anonymous pompit said...

Wishing Bea1 a speedy recovery ..

10:10 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thx twinsmom and pompit...she is ok and managed to finished her antibiotic.

1:44 PM  

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