Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogging from Penang!

Heh...I never thought our trip would coincide with the celebration of the endorsement of World Heritage.

I'm here at the university, people went out for lunch and I'm trying to finish my presentation slides. I just hope people won't remember me as a geologist making fool of herself in front of a bunch of archeologists. I start to feel lonely already but be here I must for I wish that I can share with them whatever finding I got from the Kota Tampan archeological site.

Hubby is handling the kids well, I reckon from a phone call just now. They are on the way back to the hotel from brekfast as two out of 4 just pooed! I love that man.

Well, the highlight of the trip is tonight. I won't the joining the conference dinner, instead we will be having one with someone I consider a special person and a friend. No one desribes Penang like she does, I'm sure regular readers know who am I talking about.

We will be back later.

Updated: As much as I want to enjoy Penang more, I also love to be with the archeologist the whole day today. Not a single pic is taken so far. Anyway, hubby and kids will be at my sister's place. They will have all the goodies from Penang, I hope. As soon as I finish the meeting, we will be on the road to KL.


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