Monday, July 28, 2008

Think officially we hire a helper

Finally, I let a stranger into the apartment to help out a bit.

And that really when I thought I just CANNOT take it anymore. I got stressed whenever I step in the house, no matter how many times I did the slowly breath in breath out that I used to do.

So what she did while I read Malaysiakini. First, she mopped the floor with the hot water get the dirt out first, she said. I was like "Ooooo...I never did that!"

Then only she used the floor cleaner in fresh water.

But before that, still feeling embarrassed of the condition of the house I helped her putting away toys. Told her at the door before she entered "You may be surprised, but please don't run away".

Well, she is professional and fast. The floor is squeaky clean. She did under the sofa and the beds too, but the result is not to my fullest satisfaction. Anyway, I'm comfortable to be open with her the next time around.

Today is only a trial, so when she asked if I wanted she do the bathroom, I said it's ok. Happy to hear she said the bathroom was clean considering I have small kids. Thanks to dearest hubby...even a cleaner approved his job;).

She was supposed to do fans, she said they needed at least 3 piles of water each and went "tsk, tsk,tsk...". Well, I'm ok with that, she is honest. I like that.

But she is too short, we don't have a ladder. Hubby used to clean fans, yeah all that two times in these two years. And that involved wiping with him standing on chair. More often, we just vacuum but that's not good enough.

We will get a ladder before her next visit. And I already talk to her about scrubbing the tiles in the kitchen wall, washing the dish from the previous night dinner, change the bedsheets, and the bonus is she even offered to help with the junk if I finally decide to throw them away. She is frank by saying she may get the little piece of 'besi' out of the TV to sell. She would borrow her father's car for that.

But she confessed she CANNOT iron. It's ok, I've been doing that for almost 8 years now, and I can continue doing it.

She also said I have nice kitchen, she likes that I have another sink in the tiny yard. Nicer if everything is organised, she said. Well, she will help me with that.

We talked a bit, she lives with her mother, a 4-year old daughter, and a sister. Husband left to marry another 3 years ago. Her mom used to clean house too, and she used to follow her. Now she works and mother takes care of kid. Someone introduced me to her and though most of the time, I'm paranoid think I can trust this lady.

Adel won't be doing the 'mopping', at least for tonight I hope;), and let me enjoy the clean floor for a moment before getting out to fetch hubby and kids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also need a helper! --sofhib

2:40 PM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

good for you, more time with the children and hubby!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh...I know the feeling of walking on a squeaky clean floor .... I don have that anymore now tho sad ... I had someone (two in fact) to clean the house on a weekly basis tapi tak lama coz we were rarely at home especially during the weekends .. nw< i technically have to do everything on my own and I hate it nothing gets done. Sapa cpmlain...dia kena buat ..thatz the house rule!!!


7:01 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

I am so blessed to have my hubby's niece to help me for like 10 years already. We trust her like family so even torn undies also tak apa. LOL.

Hope you had a smooth trip home. You know what? I langsung lupa pasal nak ambil gambar. Ish..Tapi I takut blog on my site cos nanti I kena jadi tourist guide 365 days LOL. I only keluar dengan good friends, not random readers.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

Aiks, I mean lipat baju lah.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Yatie said...

i miss clean floor too . thinking to hire one after letting go the old one.
I mop my house floor every nite but back home from work after dinner back so sticky. my two kids did it

5:28 PM  
Blogger m said...

Go get one, sofhib!

More TV time for hubby too, Mrs B;)

Lyza, that's the house rule for us too...BUT at the end I got all sressed out as hubby is not the type that complains!

Lil...having someone that you don't mind seeing (and lipat) your torn undies are one hell of a lucky woman!

And about blog...I don't expect you to blog la, nanti people said I tumpang glamor 5xmom, tak mau la...but I brought camera, I didn't forget but I rather eat puas-puas..hehe.

Yatie...yeah, that happens most of the time, right?

12:34 PM  

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