Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How not to get fruit pieces in a fruitcake to settle at the bottom?

But before that, look what I found in a Pasar Tani

That's really the first time I ever saw dried kiwi. I bought some to add more the the abundant of dried fruits I have at home. Mom brought home a lot from her trip to Mekah. I'm not much into munching dried fruits on their own and decided to finish them all in fruitcakes.

I thought I knew the trick of not getting them to settle at the buttom. Sprinkle them with flour, they say. I made two cakes so far, and followed the advice during both but still....

I soaked the fruits in orange juice the second time around (as most fruitcake recipe calls for the fruits to be soaked in liquor) and later coated with flour to see if that would make any difference. The cake tastes better but the fruits were still stubbornly there.

My sister asked me to coat with more flour. I'm going to make more cakes to finish the fruit before buying new ingredients. Any more tips, please?

The uni made this week as the official term break, no school for the girls and they are at the babysitter's. I'm supposed to work peacefully without running around fetching and dropping, and no knocking on doors from students too. is just too quiet here and Ikea is calling....arghhh!

BTW, to my wonderful, beautiful readers who celebrate...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need a trip to IKEA. Go go go -sofhib

3:20 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Going now sofhib, and alone...muahahaha!!!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous yatie said...

pergi je ikea kak... rumah saya pun dah jadi cam ikea showroom hihi .. tak tahu kenapa suka sgt pergi sana

11:57 AM  
Anonymous lilian said...

The only time when the fruits don't sink is when the cake is so packed with fruits. I pun dah banyak kali try the trick of coating with flour tapi tenggelam jugak.

11:57 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Yatie...ya la macam kena spell pulak ya!

Lil...thanks good t know even the expert pun ada problem. The thing is I don't like it loaded with fruit...manis sangat.

6:22 PM  

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