Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby scan and some Irish soda bread

Yesterday I went for a check-up again. After having a miscarriage, the feeling is just different. From not seeing 'anything' to looking at a bud, followed by the heartbeat and then yesterday a fetus with arms and limbs (and more heartbeats). It is like taking small step one at a time, the mixed feeling of being nervous to being relieved and grateful.

You can't see much from the pic, but that's the whole of 4 cm (CRL) of my 5th baby;).

I was lucky yesterday the whole thing that normally takes me 3 hours took only 2. I ran back to the office to get something done. I lost track of time and while I was getting ready to leave, a PhD student just came by to say hi. I was a little excited about something I did and shared with him. I showed him pictures from the field and he seemed to be impressed.

But I told him over and over that I had to leave, but again since he was the first person I saw after the check-up, I just could not help it. I pulled the scan pic from my handbag and showed that to him. He seemed like he wanted to say something, and at the same he looked stunned. I just blurted out "What? Say it!". He murmured..."I'm happy for you". I said "You don't take that long just to say that!".

Then he just said "You are amazing, and you are just my type!". I got a little embarrased, tried to hide it and said "'re too kind" and with a sad puppy face "But I'm sorry...I'm all taken!". "But don't worry, go and find's hard to find my species but there are still more out there". I just love being able to do that to any guy!

He just smiled as I waved before driving off.

And since I still am crazy about my not-so-new oven, I'd share what I made for tea today. I bought new loaf tin last night at Ikea, and I'm also trying to finish some baking ingredients that I have before buying more stuff. So I just find something easy and fast that does not include having to take out my mixer.

Got the bread recipe from allrecipe.

It turned out to be dense, not airy like bread. I'm not used to anything Irish. Except for this one time when I was in a pub in Budapest and I thought I wanted to try Irish tea. It tasted so good and mentioned that to my friends when I got back to Bristol. What a huge laugh I got from them, since earlier I told them over and over that I didn't take alcohol. They said what made it tasted so good could be something that I should not consume. I learned my lesson for being ignorant.

I digress. Anyway, no alcohol added in the bread and the texture resembles scone's. I love scones so I don't mind that. I have no idea why it cracked at the top while still having more space to rise up. We ate it warm. I just let cold butter to melt on it and it tastes good with mint tea. It is not exceptionally the best but as long as the kids kept asking for it and the husband just ate without saying anything, that's good enough.

And I also learn something new: substituting buttermilk that I don't have with milk and vinegar. Lovely!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just want to know who is that phD student...

hmmm..nak roti sket...mana boleh tahan tengok foto saja...hantar pls...ekekeke..

2:13 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

Ros! I am back to Penang. Alamak, I totally forget to sms that we were less one car when we were in PJ cos my son's friend car punya belt gave a lot of noise and we sent it to the mechanic. So, we were stuck at home most of the times. Amboi, your cupcakes are so nice lah. And OMG, I should have congratulated you when I meet you. I was talking to Yatie at the Nuffnang Friso thing about you, dah 4 kids kah, dah going to be 5 kah... etc.

6:23 PM  

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