Monday, January 05, 2009

Ok now, the real first school day

Wrote the following on Monday night, hope to finally push the send button soon.

We left the house as usual still, 8-something am;). Bea1's school session is in the afternoon. And today we only registered for the KAFA classes. After sending hubby, we're off to babysitter's to send the youngest two. Then the kindy to drop Bea2.

Bea1 and I went to the mosque near home for KAFA. She saw some of her friends already there in complete uniforms. Well, of courseI got some explanation to do.

If one day last week was the orientation, this week (THE WHOLE WEEK!!!!*GULP*) is Minggu Transisi. No wonder most parents take the whole week off. Well, both me and hubby don't take a single day! Anyway, I have flexible working hour, I can manage that, of course.

Today's school started at 2pm. After the mosque, I managed to do some fruitful discussion with a colleague and some other work while Bea1 busy doing her stuffs. The baby in my tummy just didn't sit still, I never felt movement (for this pregnancy) that distinct before. Maybe he/she was telling me to calm down.

Anyway, got a little carried away and realised we really have to run. Fetched Bea2 from kindy, sent her to the babysitter, Bea1 changed and had lunch there.

And we were again a bit late. Typical!

The kids were being divided into the classes while I did a little 'cilok' here and there to get to the school as fast as we could. Had a call from my friend (the same one whose kid is also there). I said "Don't pressure me, OTW la ni!".

He said "Masalahnya, nama anak kau dipanggil-panggil ni!". I was like "Oh, really!" Typical!

He continued "Anak kita dua-dua dalam kelas pertama...kelas budak pandai!"

That's a little kiasuism, don't you think?

I assumed he thought that the first class that was called belongs to the kids with the highest scores during the test that day.

I said "Are you sure? Entah-entah cikgu panggil yang paling corot dulu...hehe!"

Anyway, we arrived finally and Bea1 took a row at the back in the queu. They were led to the class the first time while parents watched. As usual chairs and tables are arranged in pairs. The teacher instructed the kids to sit whenever they like. Bea1 walked to the back and hold a chair. The table besides hers was still not taken. Suddenly there were two girls, obviously good friends that must sit together-gether walked near my girl, looking for a place and looked panicky. And since they must sit together-gether (oh, I mentioned that already), one of them just grabbed the chair that my girl was holding and instructed her friend to take another. That caught Bea1 by surprise but she just moved back.

At that moment I wished some parent to come and teach the kid a bit of manners instead of busy clicking the camera away. Instead I just whispered "It is a rough world out there, baby!" while looking on. Then another girl came and sat besides her, I thought that's good as she does not like boys at this stage;).

I was thinking and even asking loud "Must I really stay?". Friend said "Stay la till after break...".

I did just that, and later showed Bea1 on how to make use of her first "Duit poket". Isn't it exciting to receive that the first time.

While waiting for the kids to have another queu at the hall before proceeding to the class again, my friend overheard a conversation by two boys.

Boy 1: Kita berada di dewan kan?
Boy 2: Ya...dewan!
Boy 1: Dewan kan?
Boy 2: Ya la....dewan *showing index finger*
Boy 1: Ini dewan kan?
Boy 2: *Impatiently*...Ya la DAY 1, DAY 1 *showing index finger again*

That got my friend LOL, and related the story to me. He said "Betul la aku cakap, kelas ni kelas pandai...pandai loya buruk!"

I laughed while trying to tahan not to pee! Well, I seriously think that's not layo buruk. A 6-year-old is not capable of that, don't you think?

I returned to the office after that and managed to squeeze in some work. I decided to take to busiest route (that leads to nearest parking spot..and contributed to the school traffic congestion;)) when I fetched her, just to see how bad it was. With the queu, it takes 20 minutes from the office, without only 5 I believe. That made me 10 minutes late....and my girl was already teary-eyed when I got there.

Kena pujuk la pulak!

Someone said we could get the uniform for KAFA at the masjid. Unfortunately they informed us they no longer sell them there. I had KAMDAR at MidValley in my mind, and the traffic looked strangely smooth today, plus the thought that hubby said he would be out from the office late. And MidValley is always a good place for a 'merajuk' kid.

She was almost ecstatic knowing she's out alone with mama. To make it more fun I reminded her that yesterday's her dearest friend's birthday and said "Lets get her some present!".

Then, she has more idea...she needed a purse for her money! Half an hour and about RM100 (burnt) later, we found ourselves waiting for papa at Carl's Jr Burger. Had a quick dinner and we're off to fetch the other kids.

I was pooped but the newly bought uniform needed washing and drying and ironing first. And a mom must record whatever happens on her first kid first day at school;) before she forgets all the details.

The new routine would see us starting the day 1/2 hour early and be home in the evening 1/2 hour late. Bea3 will start playschool (the same kindy with Bea2) any day now when she feels good and is up early and just happy to take the morning shower. I would just follow her mood. She always says yes when I ask if she'd like to go. It will get a litle hectic, but I'm just sure we just need a little getting used to.

Anyway, I hope we manage to get through the week without much chaos first. One good thing is Bea1 seemed ok and looked excited to start KAFA tomorrow.

Not to get this post to be too boring, I just share a pic of my girl. We're in Heathrow to board the plane home from the UK trip. She was wearing a tiara that we got from a carboot sale for 20p. A little girl's junk is anothers treasure!

Updated: Day 2 and Today
Bea1 was upset when she could not see me during the assembly before starting the session yesterday. She didn't miss me but I had forgotten to give her duit poket. She really was so excited about that on Monday. Anyway, I was there and planned to return during recess to see her, that's why I think she would be ok. Luckily I saw her first.

I just waited for her at the table when I saw her with two other girls walking with food and drinks already in their hands. She didn't even bother to look for me first. That's some progress.

Today, I found out that she took RM2 from my purse, I believe in case mom forgets again. That's how important the money for her. I really feel bad about forgetting that day but she will get a lengthy lecture tonight. Besides she also received another RM2 from papa. Think she really loves the independence of buying stuffs on her own. But she will get the lecture, anyway!

She agreed to have me to just drop her at the gate and I didn't have to see her during recess....YESSSSSS! That's it, I assume she settles down already.

She is also excited about KAFA, thought she would konk-out after dinner last night but she stayed awake till 10.30 and still had the energy to do some writing, and manage to wake up happy this morning...I hope all this would last!

I'm done...for now!


Anonymous Yatie SawaNiLa said...

saya baca saya rasa penat... byk jugak kerja nak kena buat kan

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well...cepatnya Bea1 besar...dah masuk sekolah pun...sket lagi dapat menantu...hihi


9:27 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

Sigh...just like reading the story of my life...Don't worry, Ros. It gets easier and easier....Now I have a kid who is about to cry because he just discovered that Saturday and Sunday are no-school days. Mana ada budak yang macam dia nak pergi sekolah tiap-tiap hari. If only every kid of mine are as enthusiastic as him, I got one dozen kids pun tak apa. Hahaha...hang in there! More fun rides ahead.

1:39 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Ya Yatie...banyak tapi kena fikir positif dan pandai bagus bagi advice hehe

K e...part menantu tu tak mau fikir dulu la

Lil...yes, I really hope it will get easier..I'm still trying to getthings done simpler with our new routine.

12:43 AM  

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