Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bea3's first day at school pulak!

Or rather playschool.

While I was preparing the two bigger girls on Friday morning, Bea3 woke up. She was eager to get ready too, and got more excited when I annouced that she would be going to school too.

She was all smile. I prepared a bag for her, a change of clothes and a diaper. The school accepts potty-trained kids only, but the principal just 'cincai' with me. Did I mention I don't do potty training? I just let the kids say it when they are done with the diapers.

Bea2 went up to her class right away. Bea3 was shy at first, had her head down but I could see her smiling face and her eyes just fixed on the toys. I just asked the teacher to call me if thing got out of control. I left knowing that my girl would be ok.

Is it not too long ago that I hold this little baby with pouty, pink, kissable lips for the first time? She had lines on her forehead, as if she was thinking while observing the surrounding. She still has the same look now!

She was having lunch besides Bea2 when I got there. She looked so at ease, maybe having a big sister helps.

She was fascinated by some tiny white fluffy flowers blown by the winds when I took some pics. I should have taken some of that flowers too but I was more occupied with my girl.

Since Bea1 started school at 2 pm, we got some time to play at the playground.

Poor Adel, alone at the babysitter in the morning. But he got the usual lunchtime smooching from me. That's the kind of Friday lunchbreak that I like....wait a sec. It IS my normal lunchbreak;).

And this Bea3's expression when she knew there was no school on Saturday!

I hope this would last, I mean the love for school, not the sad face;).

I thought shopping was done but I admit the bag for KAFA has a bit of tear here and there. And of course we would not let the other girls feel left out. Alhamdulillah, we were just at the right place. RM45 for 3 bags and 3 sets of stationery. The bags are ok but I can't expect much from the other that costs only RM5. At least the girls were all smiles!

I thought I would break down on Thursday. It was just too much and I had little doubt that I would stay with the routine. Later I figured out I was just being too exhausted as I didn't get much sleep the night before.

We will do a little adjustment this week. Hubby will take the train for 3 days in a week to get home, when Bea1 finishes early. We both don't really like it. He hates the crowd and I need his help to handle all 4 kids even when walking from the car to the lift. But we have no choice, luckily the train station is only minutes walk. And with this, we will be home at the usual time, and I would have more time to prepare dinner.

I just do what any other parents of school-going kids do during the weekend. I washed two pairs of shoes...yikes! The last time I did that was almost 20 years ago, I never liked it. BTW, when can I trust my girl to start washing on her own?;)


Blogger mumsgather said...

Oh, you forgot to mention the school uniforms. We've got to really watch when we wash those for enough turnover time! hehe.

11:01 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

MG..oh that sorted out already, depending on what she wears I need to wash every Tuesday or Wednesday, I mean besides the weekend lah. If she decides to wear baju kurung, we use the same one that she wears for sekolah ugama for sek. kebangsaan. If pinafore, then one day got 2 pairs of uniforms. Anyway, with a dryer, cincai only...most pieces no need iron already... Thanks God!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

I need to wash 4 pairs of uniforms daily, or every other day, tengoklah mood :D Or my eldest will wash, so no worries for me.

The kids now wash their own school shoes. If they all malas, then they have to wear dirty shoes, mwhahaha!! Most times we'd just chuck the shoes into the washer, senang cerita!

Hey, Adel is so big already?? Time sure flies.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

Wah, don't ask me. Bad moral! Cos...shhh...whisper sons never wash their shoes weekly like how we used to. The #3 boy yang paling boisterous can never keep his shoes clean, so it is always black. But inside doesn't stink lah. Yang #2 pulak, he is very fussy and kept his shoes white all the time. So, they only wash their shoes like every 2-3 weeks once.

This is after parenting many kids lah. Initially, pressured jugak, anak orang kasut putih, kita pun rajin basuh tiap tiap minggu. After that...don't care lah..asal ada kasut cukup.

Uniform pulak, now all of them got only one suit. Hubby rajin sidai. If not, I use the dryer to dry them. Yang boisterous punya boy, baju warna gray by the second month. Don't care jugak....Hahaha I am happy, they are happy, cukup lah.

1:13 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

QOTH...I used to do laundry during weekend. 7-8 loads straight. Now, kira ok la...just once in the middle of the week.
We can just chuck shoes in the washer????? Boleh ka? can survive with each with only one suit? Bea1 got two baju kurung and 2 pinafores. We will change one bigger baju kurung to pinafore at the shop soon, so she will have 3. So we will end up with one uniform for one day.

My baysitter said itu macam orang malas basuh baju...memang pun hehe.

Got to have back up la...esp. Bea1 senang dapat food stain on her baju kurung.

9:47 AM  

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