Friday, August 28, 2009

3 out of 5 admitted!

It's a long story, but I make it short.

Despite trying hard to get kids away from crowded places (due to the dreaded flu). Bea1, Bea3 and Adel had running noses on Sunday and fever on Monday. Temperature ranges from 37.5 to 35.8 C. I was not overly concerned.

But after sahur the next day, I could hear Bea1 wheezing when I pressed my ear to her chest. Off to the emergency in a hospital right away.

X-rays showed all 3 had pneumonia and they had to be admitted. They didn't really look sickly, and got all excite about the hospital stay "roll eyes".

I was worried sick at first but the doc said it was not that dreaded flu but they must stay for a while as they could have lung infection. Rounds of drips and nebulisers followed.

The doc asked if Bea1 was ever asthmatic as her condition is the worst among the 3. I was not really sure how to answer that.

A bit of history...Bea1 as a baby had severe skin rashes. As she grows, rashes gone but she always has dry skin and depends on the likes of SebaMed and QV for skin care. I knew about tests for allergy but I never took it seriously as think Bea1's case was not serious. Except for certain fish, we allow her to eat anything.

But she must has some early morning sneezing (that could be due to dust mites) especially when it is cold. But it goes away shortly after she gets dressed and she is ok the whole day.

She had pneumonia once when she was 3 years old and admitted for 3 days. I was stupid to give a low dosage of paracetamol (a lot younger and less experienced mom that was worried about overdose), the fever didn't go away and she got it after about two weeks. After that she is just a healthy kid, and the last time she had a fever was a year ago.

I was surprised on how fast it develops into pneumonia this time. The doc said she must have shown symptons such as coughs and flu before that but seriously I didn't see that. She went to school as usual.

We have the family history, so the doc said she will decide if Bea3 has that too in these few days. Both Bea3 and Atef were discharged yesterday but Bea1 had to stay a couple of days more. Really hate the thought that my baby is asthmatic. Will that mean there will be no ice cream for her? Will she depend on medication for a long time? What have or have not done? I have a lot of questions but no time to do research yet, hate to ask the doc yet as she already asked me to wait.

The last few days were spent at the ward. Both of us had to take emergency leave and hubby spends the nights here. When Adel napped, I left to see Bea2 and Atef at the babysitter. I then returned with Bea2 to have buka puasa with huby here. After that, we left, fetched Atef and returned to a quiet home.

As a mom, of course I want the kids to be healthy but I just could not help it...part of me is asking if the hospitalisation is necessery especially to the youngest two. They no longer have fever even on Wednesday.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah it is not that flu. I'm with Bea1 now as hubby went out for the Friday prayer. The two kids, I'm sure are giving the babysitter a hard time. They had been too spoiled by the nurses in the hospital;).

One thing that I dread to see now is my own face. It must look horrible with the lack of sleep and care...but seeing the kids ok surely puts a smile on it, always.

Will get back with pics!


Blogger CY3.5 said...

yeah.. anakĀ² sakit, sume benda serba tak kena..

selamat beristirahat di hujung minggu yg panjang ni :)

take care!

3:37 PM  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Glad to hear that they r recovering. Take care & Hugs!

9:03 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Kesiannya - you, hubby and the kids. But glad to hear everyone's recovering. Do take care.

By the way, rashes and allergies could also be a sign of asthma - just not full-blown. My #2 (Adil) is asthmatic but luckily does not have to rely on the inhaler.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

cut down on the sugar dear. I had to forgo my daily 3 piece kuih treat as it brought back my sinus. its a struggle with my second girl on that front.....

6:16 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

CY3.5...ya macam jam tu berhenti jalan je.
Er tukar nama lagi ke?

Thanks A$A's mom!

QOTH...yes I knew that but Bea1 didn't have bad rash now. Anyway, it runs in the family...I must accept the fact;).

mrs B...and you're telling me now as we plan to start baking raya cookies. I didn't knew that. Anyway, I just have to try harder, bit by bit. seem to understand. Eventhough doc said we could continue our diet as usual, I manage to cut down the ice cream...that's a good thing really;)

12:25 AM  

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