Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food I can't eat

It's the 24th day of confinement period for me, only half way through. Time just passes so slowwwwwwwly to me.

I miss my regular food tremendously and I decided to share some of the pics of them with some story.

Two types of meals that we always have for quick dinner. Something I can whip up in 15 minutes.

Fried meehoon and cream-based pasta, preferebaly with lots of seafood and mushrooms. Yummm....why can't eat now? Too oily and fattening and seafood (except certain fish) and egg are on-no. They don't look beautiful but they stuff the whole family well for dinner on normal hectic working/schooling day.

My Iraqi student shared a quick recipe with me: marinate chicken, sliced potatoes, union and tomatoes in lemon juice, yogurt, salt and pepper for 2 hours and grill for about 1/2 hour. Simple food again and I just lurveeee it!

Why can't eat...lemon is citrus, mana boleh! Besides that's dark meat there. I'm only allowed white one.

But before I even cooked that, the student already did something for us. He came to see me just to pass this:

He said, he cooked for 5 people. It was soooo good but too much for the two of us and 4 little tummies. I wish he used lesser spices for the rice and pasta though. Mom would surely comes out with a reason for me not to eat this, I don't know what but she just got to have one! She might say, we don't exactly know what the Arab put in it, something that a mother in confinement should not consume...well something like that!

This one is just sinful. Dalca, a combination of beef, potato, long bean, tomatoes in curry. Look at the fat on the beef, that's my faourite....yum!

Mom always scares us with this story of a lady who ate a lot of that kind of fat during confinement. She (the lady) had her thing down there wet and smelly all the time till she got pregnant, gave birth and did the confinement properly all over again. And the long beans and brinjal must be avoided at least for 100 days.
Er...this one I never cook myself la, too much work for a mom with 5 kids below 8. Mom made this and I tapau from kampung one day.
I don't know if the fat really cause the smelly thing, that's mom's story and I hope I don't scare anyone
Look at this...sambal bilis and petai. A great combination with Dalca and hot rice.
Hubby does not really like petai in bilis, so that's another excuse I never made this also. This is also from mom.

Well not for me now as it's too oily again!

And petai reminds me of another dish. People say those who believe that "A way to a man's heart is through his tummy" should aim a little lower (I just love this joke...hehe). Even with that, in trying to be a good wifey, I just do whatever he likes in the matter how weird it is.

That's cili kampung, belacan, flesh of deep-fried fish (preferebly kembung) with some lime juice. Ok, sambal belacan is not weird but why must the fish be pounded together. I still don't get it.

And he must have this with raw petai, that's my man's favourite. With belacan, definitely not for me, but well I don't really miss it anyway;).


Blogger kakchik said...

aiyaa all looks yummy hah...lapar!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Ms. W said...

ur mom's scary story is seriously scary!

6:43 AM  
Blogger chanelwong said...

the food looks soooo yummy n nice....

11:27 AM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

ermmm, you dont want to wake up with itchy rashes that grows from your arms to all over yr body in less than half a day. I had it once durinf my confinement and i tell you, i got really careful with what vegetable i take. No laughing matter! Seriously, the toxins seem to have away to come out from our system super fast during confinement.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

btw, i think the toxins came from the meat i was taking, and some types vegetables. hang in there. 100 days will be off in a jiffy

1:17 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

My mom also got scary stories of wet, itchy, smelly stories. Like we are not supposed to eat keladi or get gatal, or drink plain water and all the urat-urat kembang and bla bla bla...So, hang in there! Oh ya, chicken also not allowed unless kampung chicken.

6:08 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

k e and chanel...even the sambal belacan?

Ms W....the scariest is she tends to relate all illness in women to them not doing the confinement right...i tell you.

mrs b...u really think so? Ur explanation does make sense. U know me, I'm not a patient type la...can't follow everything my mom set and must have scientific proof before I believe anything , being a scientist konon hehe. Thanks for sharing.

Lil...plain water pun kenot ka? Keladi tu ok la. But I'm srprised, chinese also got scary story ya;). About chic kampung, yes my friend from sarawak only eat that. Make sense as now chic all makan growth hormones.

10:28 AM  

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