Saturday, May 14, 2005

The first challenge at the new job

I'm officially a lecturer since May 3rd, teaching geology in one of the local universities. At the moment still have not started lectures as the new term will be only commenced in July. However, yesterday we have series of seminars where the final year students had to do a presentation of their final year theses. I was required to attend and evaluate their presentations.

I'm new in the department as a lecturer, but I'd been here for about 10 years. Did my first degree and my PhD. Left for a while to work in another university and returned to the same U but to another department. So, I'm quite familiar with what's going on. There were some changes on the system but most remain the same.

There I was, listening to the students. I applauded some of them for being enthusiastic with their work but some of them were doing it as if the presentations were something that they had to get over with. Some did not even face the audience, only read from the notes in their hands or the powerpoint slides.

I'm not saying that I was good, I was only an average student (I have my own reasons for that ;)) but having gone through sheer hardwork (that's what I thought, then. Now I can just laugh at it) for my thesis, I had shown my enthusiasm to show the audience what I'd been working at. I was nervous initially, but after getting comments I knew they were all to improve my thesis writing, I just felt great (the presentation is done before students finalise the thesis). That's why I later chose to further my studies.

I voiced it to hubby during the drive to our offices this morning. Think it is so common now that people get into university mainly to get a paper or two. His advice was it is now my responsibility to remind students that there are more than a piece of paper is needed out there, make use of their stay in the U to improve themselves, and not to think that piece of paper will promise them everything later.

That's just some exchanges with hubby. I have not even start my first lecture yet, so I may not have a clue of what I'll be facing in 2-month time. And gee....I write two blogs today!


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