Saturday, May 14, 2005

I got him shaved!

Whoever watched "Somersby" must remember Jodie Foster shaved her husband, Richard Gere in one of the scenes. Looking at it, I was being mushy and thought I would love to shave my man one day (it was long time ago, and I had not met him yet).

Actually, a few times already that hubby indicated to me that I should learn how to do it. But we just could not find the time. He either did it in the bathroom or let the barber did it. A few nights ago, he again brought up the issue and I also was excited to give it a try. With two small kids and no helper, it is harder and harder to find time to 'manja' him, so that was an oppurtunity.

You see, I don't shave. I was blessed with legs which have very fine, thin hairs and for most people they said my legs are bulu-less. Well, for the other parts of the body, I just use tweezers and depilatory cream. So I never really shaved using the blade. I was a bit nervous, don't want my handsome (ahem) face hubby got cut.

Before embarking on the new experience, hubby asked me what did I know about shaving. Remembering a scene from "My Life" (you know that movie about a man, Tom Hanks if I'm not mistaken who was dying from an illness and recorded his life for his unborn child to watch. One part of it showing he showed his child the correct way to shave), I imitatated Hanks as he said "you should always do this (move the blade downwards) and not this (move horizontally)". Thought that was all, but wrong I was!

Hubby just laughed and said I would learn that shaving was not that easy!

Being a multi-tasker that I am (ahem), I ran to the kitchen to just 'campak' all the ingredients meant for chicken soup for dinner. While letting it to simmer on the stove, I got hubby ready to be shaved. He lied on the sofa, with his head resting on the armrest and I sat on a chair behind it. The girls were kaypoh, curious of what mama and papa were up to but late found it boring and left us alone.

It was a messy start, I had the shaving foam in his hair and nostrils. Could not help it, I just giggled and hubby warned me not to get the blade near him with my shaking hands. I shaved downwards first. I did ok with the sideburn, and the chin, had a bit of problems with the moustache. Then, the real lesson took place. He asked me to feel with my hand, on the direction of the hair growth. From there, I should shave in the opposite direction. All this while I though hair only grow downwards! They were actually in all wonder I had to bang on the bathroom door to get hubby out of it on some mornings!

He taught me to feel in all direction, any rough surface means it needed to be shaved. I asked him was that the way the barber does, he said yes. And he only paid RM2 for that service. I wonder if all men shave like that. Anyway, I'm just glad that I don't have to shave.

We were done after about 20 minutes. He had to finish off with hard to reach place: under his nose. I was not sure if he liked my 'service' or not, he did not say anything but I will know later if he asks me to do it again. And I'd love to as part of our hard -to-get 'manja-ing' time.

He took his bath and by the time he was ready for dinner, the soup was already cooled at the right temperature. I could not help it, just could not stop staring at his cleanly shaven face...all done by me (or rather most of it!).


Blogger Shamira said...

Wow, romantic nya ! I should try it someday but I think hubby will not let me anywhere hear his face with a razor

3:53 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thx Shamira...hehe never really thought of it as romantic, just something to pamper him a bit. Maybe I should dress like Jodie Foster, baru romantic!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Loc Kee said...

ha.. i let my wife do it since long time be4 we get married lo... and she's nervous the 1st time then she decided to buy me an electonic shaver so that i wouldnt' get hurt...

tell u frankly, i enloy it :>

11:44 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

An electric shaver...that's a good idea. Who would not like it, right? Supposed to do it again last night, too it is going to be tonight!

12:25 PM  

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