Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yup, she is NOT potty trained yet!

While mumsgather 's blog gives me some encouraging words (that I'm not alone in this world), it also triggers me to blog about it.
Seriuosly, I'm not so worried about my Bea1 not being potty trained yet. I'm sure she will get there soon, maybe after seeing Bea2 (who shows that she is not comfortable being in diapers) happily using the potty. And I'm sure it will happen long before she enters college.
Anyway, it is the people around us who make me feel I'm a bad mom (or maybe I'm just exagerating) For example, this is part of the conversation that I had with a doctor during her stay in the ward:

Doc: (*wide-eyed*upon seeing the diaper) She is still in diapers?

mama22beas: She knows what is the purpose of the potty, she is just not interested to use it. She rather plays than being interupted to go to the potty (that's my girl)

Doc was not happy, think my girl was also slow in other development milestone (or again, maybe I just imagined it)

Doc: Does she talk?

mama22beas: Sure! A slow start but now a chatterbox, esp. when she is with me!

Doc: Can she draw a circle?

mama22beas: Yes sure, she actually did it when she was 21/2 years old. In fact now she draws faces, she even drawed a picture of the whole family.

Doc: Does she know ABC

mama22beas: Most of it but not all, but she is only 3 (hey I really don't care if other people kids read at 8 months)!

Doc: Can she climb stairs? I mean one at a time?

mama22beas: We stay at the 4th floor in a walk-up apartment, she climb up and down by herself.

Doc: Can she count?

mama22beas: We counted the steps together...there are 60 altogether!

Doc: She seems ok, but how come she's only lying down!

mama22beas: (*rolled eyes*) She's been sick and not eating for days, and I'm sure she is not happy seeing someone in a labcoat near her.

That's only part of it and from only one doctor, I got comments from the nurses too! Oh, well...maybe it is just me being too emotional!


Blogger Twinsmom said...

*@#$%* this doc so insulting...tell them you got too much money to spend, and want to spend on diapers, change doc.

9:06 PM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Hahahaha, Ros, I think if you don't have a gang of mothers to compare notes for the last 3 years, you would be freaked out with the doc's questions. But you can't blame her/him though 'cos they are suppose to watch out for all these milestones development. Only problem is she spends on secs/mins. with the patients. That's why it is so important we mummies know where we stand or else...I tell you, I will start imaginging things. Yay, to the moomies gang power!

12:08 AM  
Blogger mjey said...

I had the same question (using diaper) when I went for one of shaveena's jabs...but it was from the nurse..the doc turned around gave the nurse a stare and told her "Dis belum dua lagi leh" and the nurse just shut her mouth.

Though Shaveena was potty trained for the "big business" at 9mths...but she hasn't learnt the art of controlling the small one...iya she is only 2now I figured...lets just wait!

4:40 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

twinsmom...I should have said that but tried my level best to be polite.

5xmoms....yeah, forgot to mention that she was just doing her job, but luckily got my moomies gang

footprints...hey, don't worry about that. You're doing great!

5:27 PM  

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