Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Meme: 5 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I've been tagged by Ai Lian of Tips and Tricks of Happy Parenting like 3 months ago and now only I have all 5 that I'd just love to blog.

Ok, now for my 5 childhood memories related to food.

1. Mom's Nasi Lemak
My parents own a small "kedai kopi" just in front of out home. Mom makes the 'bestest' nasi lemak in the world. The smell was so nice, I just loved to breath in the smell in the cold of the morning before getting off to school. Not like most nasi lemak in KL which has the anchovies separated from the sambal, mom's cooked them together, the rice was just at the right texture and packed in banana leaves. It was everyone's favourite, even my friends and teachers in school. I used to carry up to 30 packs per day to school and made mom happy when I gave her about RM10 that I got (it was 30 sen per pack). Love to see her smiling though my hands always got hurt of carrying them.

2. Mom's Nasi Berlauk
That's what Kelantanese call rice that is normally selled for breakfast. It is either with Kari Tenggiri, or chicken. The sambal that comes with it is just heavenly, everyone agree including her youngest son-in-law (my hubby..hehe). and dad are still operating the kedai. Interested? Just contact me..hehe!

3. Late Grandma's Fried Squid
The best I'd ever tasted and no one makes the same. Grandma passed away when I was 9 but I still remember vividly how my brothers and sisters enjoyed the food so much. It was a must during trips to beaches. I remember eating while sitting on rocks in Bukit Keluang, then washed the oil on the plate away with the sea water (that was then ok, I would not do it after knowing pollution that I had made!)

4. Mee Meli
Meli is short name for Ramli. A restaurant that specialise in fried mee just a few kilometers from Machang. When father announced that it was Mee Meli Night, all of us would wait eagerly for it. RM5 could feed 5-6 ravenous mouths. It was really famous, then with people from all over Kelantan crowded that place. Now, no more as it was taken over by the sons. By the way, I think it is common right? The newer generation does not have the similar "touch".

5. Gulalei
I know a lot of you would go..."What the heck is that". It is Kelantanese for cotton candy. Late Grandpa had a machine to make that stuff. Can you imagine, we have that machine. Isn't it just great, having able to get it anytime we wanted. I love observing how it was made. Sugar mixed with colouring, normally red, placed in a container in that machine. It has small holes all over it. It was rotated when swithced on, after a few minutes, pink cotton emerged from the holes and we just picked it up!
The machine is still there in the house that my oldest sister and her family occupy. But it is not being used for a looooong time.

Thanks Ai Lian for bringing back memories!

Ok, time to tag 5 other people. I will take forever to think of any 5 and I really have to go now. Saw Lilian did it and a few other, love reading them, so anyone feel like doing it, please let me know.


Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Was browsing blog sites when I came across yours and couldn't help but see your invitation to those who wanted to join. Well here's mine...
5 Childhood Memories about Food:

1) Had a pantry filled with all sorts of goodies for us. It included sodas of different kinds at our choice and chips at our delight.
2) Had an upright freezer to hold only different flavors of ice cream.
3) Could just bring friends and classmates whenever I want to a golf club and treat them out just with a signature.
4) Was fed with 1 bowl of oatmeal, soft boiled egg and a glass milk for breakfast during school days. The sight of oatmeal now makes me puke.
5) My dad use to love baking cakes with all the icing on top. Also made merengue which is a favorite of mine.
Hope you don't mind my joining. Why don't you come visit my site and sign in my bravenet's guestbook and put a mark on my bravenet's guestmap.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Lian said...

Apa you no tell me you did the meme? I thought you still on baby holiday. Hehehe. How's it going?
Anyway, so interesting your food meme. Half of it I never heard before. Hehehe.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Welcome Friday's child...thanks for sharing. Must be good to have such a feast with your friends then.

lian...I was about to shout about it to you.
Everything is well at the moment, though I'm adjusting wirk works piling up.

2:58 PM  
Blogger MooPig said...

Ambo oghe kelate jugok!

Where's your parents' kedai? I'll go makan-makan when I'm home.

I miss nasi kukus and budu so much lah.

and i didn't know gulalei is loghat kelate! my sis and i used to share that a lot!

9:58 AM  

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