Friday, October 21, 2005

The Birth Story

I know it is kind of slow, but think before I proceed with anything else, this one should go first!

On Thursday, after finding out about the show, we went to see the gynea. Only to be told, not that day but was told that to come back the next day. The plan was simple, I had to be induced! We were supposed to come at 8 am.

Back home, I used the oppurtunity to finish as much chores as possible while the girls used the oppurtunity to turn the playroom that I just clean and tidy up, the night before, upside down again!

Just like any working day, we left the girls at the babysitter's and off we went to the hospital. The staffs said there was no single bedroom available in the ward, so we were asked to go directly to the labour room while waiting for a vacancy.

In there, a nurse handed me the gown. I asked her why so fast, she said it was the doc's order, and she said I should know already! Well, I never knew it was so fast (er...actually I started to chicken out already!).

Enema was given and later the doc came in and said that we were late! Asked her why so fast, she said she thought we all agreed. I jokingly said, it would be nice to choose 15th as the baby's birthday!

At 9.30 am, the doc ruptured the membrane and left. Contractions began but very mild only. Hubby pulled the curtains, got into a comfortable position on the armchair and being a loving and caring husband that he is....dozed off! He even snored. I was a bit annoyed but thinking positively, I just love to have him with me. 10.30 am I asked him to bring the phone to call my mom, expecting some words of encouragement and support! Upon hearing that I was being induced, she was all panicky and said all she knew, the pain would be more intense! Well, that really "helped"!

Hubby then stood beside me and on and off checked on the monitor for my contractions. I asked the nurse, approximately how long it would take. She said, the contractions was mild, so it would take awhile. Asked if we can use one of the power points to recharge the camera batteries, actually I was eager to end it all!

Asked the nurse again for any possibility to make it faster. She suggested the drips and I nodded instantly! The drip was set at 12.00.

And the real thing began! Strong contractions, and tying to be strong I whispered to hubby that soon, very soon we were going to have a baby, a baby that I could bathe in a baby bathtub on the kitchen sink!

But mom's words were stronger, asked to be given pethidine. Hubby said he was sorry that he had forgotten about the breathing techniques that we both used during the birth of the two girls. Told him not to worry about it as I also did not bother about it anymore!

Got completely knocked out, but not during each contractions. Hubby stood by my side and diligently shoved the mask (of the gas) to my face during each contractions. I remember I talked nonsense during labour (with pethidine) with Bea1, but this time around think I behaved myself quite well;). Anyway, I remember getting really annoyed and scolded hubby after "seeing" him doing some jokes. Suddenly I heard him said "Bila pula la abe buat jokes ni...". Haha...I was just too drowsy. I also asked to see my gynea right away, and upon seeing her, with a very stern voice I told her not to laugh at me. It was so embarrasing!

Next thing, I felt to urge to push. Heard people cheering but only hubby's voice was clear. Determined to get it over and done with, I let out a groan (but I's sure it was not that loud as the mask was on my face) and a strong push. Heard hubby said "Can see the baby now!". But I thought how come I did not feel that sensation when the body of the baby was out, and I also wondered why no sound of baby's cry...started to get worried that something was wrong with baby! (What hubyy meant was he saw the head coming out only!)

Shortly after that, I felt the baby's body coming out and the baby's cry, a loud but girlish cry...I knew right away that it was a girl and plop! A baby on my tummy. The very first thing I said was "Alhamdulillah" followed by "Apasal gelap sangat ni?". Ok, I was too drowsy and was a bit blinded by the light! I know the baby would forgive me. Later she was placed on my bare chest for skin to skin contact, according to my gynea. I imagined if I was in a movie, to make it more dramatic, I should shed a tear or two...but heck, I was just happy. Next thing was "Apa lagi abe...ambik la camera".

The same peaditrician came to see us in the ward and annouced that our baby was just perfect, just like with the two girls nearly 4 and 2 years ago. The only difference is now he got "Dato" in front of his name!

Hubby went out to fetch the girls and have his 'buka puasa' and later the girls joined us. Bea1 was ecstatic that finally baby was there, Bea2 could not stop her hands from reaching the baby!

Planned to have the whole family spent the night there but hubby thought it was better for him to bring the girls home. It was pretty nice to spend the night only with the baby, and back home, things were manageable, according to hubby!

Received some visits from friends and a colleague, the next day! Think our room was the noisiest with kids running around.

Checked out at 9.00 pm, and right away drove to my kampung! We chose nighttime as to get the girls to go to sleep. Arrived at 4 am.

In the same room where hubby and I spent our wedding night almost 5 years ago, we shared the queen bed as a family of 5 for the first time. I took some time to ponder, on how my life has changed with the family, hectic life but fulfilling. I don't want it in any other way!

For those who managed to finish reading my essay (I took me 4 days to write), a little reward for you!

See I'm all nice and clean!


Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Ros, a wonderful story indeed!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Lrong said...

Hey!!! Congratulations!!! I was biting my fingers reading your story... so full of suspense... I especially liked the part when you said 'He even snored'... Hahahaaaaaa!!!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Lrong said...

Hey!!! Congratulations!!! I was biting my fingers reading your story... so full of suspense... I especially liked the part when you said 'He even snored'... Hahahaaaaaa!!!

1:04 PM  
Blogger ninuk said...

dah hilang dah kedut-kedut di dahi ?

2:58 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Hi Sheela....I knew it was you, my guess for a&a's mom is just right! Thanks for visisting my blog, how are you? The boys? Settled down in the new house?

lrong...that's my hubby. One minute he can get panicky, next he is just relaxed esp. knowing I was in good hands, and he had given us the most comfortable place to have our baby!

Ninuk....masih ada, she likes to kerut kening belah kanan, then the kerut di dahi pun timbul...she really looks like a thinker, observing her surrounding and so far, even kalau tak tidur pun...macam berfikir aje!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Ros, Congratulations! She is such a cutie! Wah wah wah, 3 girls .. nanti 3 anak dara, siap lah you!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Congrats Ros. Your baby is beautiful - emm look like who har?
Your labour sounded so fast & easy leh! Rest well & enjoy ur confinement!! started tandem-nursing already?

1:51 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

queenofthehouse...3 anak dara, ya I know but let's enjoy them first...worry about that later;)

annie...first time seeing the lips, thought this one looked like me but now everybody said like hubby pulak. Tandem-nursing kicked off right away, even in the hospital!

5:26 PM  
Blogger laramommi said...

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5:46 PM  
Blogger laramommi said...

Congrats, Ros! Enjoyed reading yr birth story, u r brave indeed. Baby is simply gorgeous, feminine features esp the eyes...Admire yr tandem nursing capabilty. Is it triple?

5:50 PM  
Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Yes we have finally moved into our dream home. U must come visit if u r in Klang ya. Boys r well too & thanks for asking.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

laramommi...hey, the only brave thing I did was the pushing...hehe!
Bea1 is not fully weaned herself, asking once in 3-4, ya la can say it is triple!

a&a'smom...thanks for the invitation!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Mrs B said...

Argghhhhh!!!! She is simply adorable! look at her eyes, so sharp at her tender age!
Ikan panggang, yum. We Chinese are not suppose to have vege for a few weeks as well but my 1st confinement lady said spinach and some other green, non cooling vege is ok, so I had them as well. Tumeric, no jaundice ? Both my girls had to be hospitalised for it.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Mrs B...that's why we chose a name that means vision, clear-sighted also intelligent for her, instead of 'surprise' (she is a surprise baby;)). It took hubby 3 times to Jabatan Pendaftaran...hehe!
Yes, non-cooling vege is ok but my mom is just being too careful!
I followed the pead's advise of not taking any 'jamu'. All 3 babies were ok:).

12:16 AM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

I read every word and got mesmerized la.....So fuzzy wuzzy, you made me.

10:10 PM  

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