Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Me and my keys

One day about 2 months ago....
I was preparing to leave my office room, standing near the door, giving a last look if I forgot anything, press the button on the knob and pulled it. Damn....I forgot the keys. Nevermind, I will get the spare from the main office first thing the next day.

Borrowed the spare key, I did. I had an appointment with a contractor to fix the grille at the new apartment during lunchtime. But I had to run to a lab first before leaving, making sure I got my keys by 'raba'ing my pants pocket, and pulled the door. Then it just occured to me that I might not get the right keys, got them out...and dammit, it was the house keys!

So, I shut myself out with both my room and the spare keys, my car keys and handbag.

Started to call for help. We don't have master key, said one staff. One came with a ladder, tried to get in through to a window, but it was completely shut. Others tried any sort of "pecah rumah" methods at my door.

Had a call from hubby, he said people were waiting at our apartment. Told him "We are having a situation...".

We tried old credit card, those mobile phone reload cards, screwdriver, ruler, those food container covers...The office just added some sort of a panel along the door frame to add more to the safety features, and to give hell to staff who just keep locking herself out!

Another call from hubby, and I had to yell "We have a crisis here...."

But there is always a solution, and it comes from a mother of 5 whose kids tend to lock themselves, too. It is a combination of a screwdriver and a mobile phone reload card, a thicker one.

A few weeks after that....
I took 1/2 day leave to get some stuffs from the old place, and to tidy it up a little bit. I was ready to load some stuffs to the car and realised I didn't know where I last saw the car key. Looked around and started to get frantic. Went down to the car, it was locked alright. Went up again, tried to trace my movement since the first time I entered the house. Sighed with relief when I saw it under a tray in the kitchen. I knew it, 'tracing back my movement' always works.

Not to repeat the same mistake, I put all keys to somewhere I could remember and easily see. One shelf just below my nose level, on the book rack in the living.

Got the car key in my pocket, and some stuffs to the car first. Pulled the door, and dammit...I forgot the house keys! And I had to return as I still got things to get, and the fan was switched on.

Luckily, there is always my bro-in-law who has always his keys in his backpack. He was being warded, and I had to drive to the hospital to get the spare. Wasted about an hour but I didn't really curse myself for that.

One day two weeks ago...
I was doing the last bit of work. I visualised having fun with my kids at the pool, and I would made quick pasta dinner. My kids would be hungry after playing water...lovely;).

Got up to leave, looked for my keys but one was missing. Scoured through the pile of papers...Oh no, not again. But yes, I lost my car key!

Looked everywhere, even borrowed a key to a lecture hall. And it was past office hours. Called the boss, she said she would come to the main office (as I was there, talking to her earlier) and let me search. And no, it was not there.

Called my babysitter, and told her I might be late. She said "Tau orang Melaka kata apa ni...lale, tau lale..." In the background, I heard my kids asking "Mama mana...mama mana?"...It was heart-wrenching!

Again...trace back my movement, I did for the 1000th time! Called hubby and I started to cry of being so helpless (Maybe I was a bit tired as I was fasting, too). Told him, before the main office I went to the dean's office for a meeting. But I seriously thought I didn't get anything out from my handbag. He said, just go there and look. But it was 7.30 pm, and I really didn't think anyone would be there.

And in case you are wondering about the spare key, yes of course we have that but...the previous day, we were at the old place again, I found the spare key and place it in a box together with my old photos and bring them home. The problem was, the box was still in the ....yes, you guess it...the car...wuahhhh:(.

I went back to my room to gain some composure. Took a deep breath, picked up the phone and called the dean's office. To my surprise, somebody picked it up. I saw hopes, the light at the end of the tunnel...the staff went to the meeting, I didn't wait long. She returned and like a music to my ears, she was like singing "Adaaaaa...". I let out "Alhamdulillah...".
Walked passed a cafe, was surprised to see it still open, got my key, bought a can drink to break my fast at about 8:10 pm.

Fetched the girls, met hubby at the apartment yard...no swimming, but we still had pasta. At Pizza Hut, that is;).

Last night (I promised this is the last one;))

I was getting Bea3 to sleep, while the other two girls played "let's-change-as-many-clothes-as-much-as-we-can-and-scatter-them-all-on-the-floor" game in the other room.

To cut it short (I'm tired of typing anyway;)), they locked the door from inside when they came out. I had my phone, the house key, and the keys to every door in the house and the car key. A bit worried as hubby worked late and he might call me to fetch him from the office. The nearest public phone is about 15 minutes walk, and that time I realised I might need to neighbour's help.

Anyway, it just occured to me that I should have learned some "pecah rumah" skills the other day. And yes, I picked the right material, a piece of the plastic food container (ala...the one you get when you buy pasar malam taufu fah) cover and armed with that, the door was wide open...it was like a victory. I did learn from my 'blunders'...

The end.

By the way, do you think I need help?


Blogger raggedyanne said...

from one klutz to another, we dont actually. Just need help organizing things. I forget things too, i tot I'm going senile. but hey, i'm still with 1 kid. God knws how i'll turn out when i have 3 like you!

2:26 PM  
Blogger WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

It felt like i was watching a drama as i read your story. Sorry but it was funny. Keys are not like mobile phone where we can call the number and trace the sound. perhaps someone shd some sound sensor to keys?? Yesterday hubby was saying that the time he spent in a year looking for his specs, could be well use for sleeping.

Btw, I have link your blog to mine. Hope it's ok with you.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

raggedanne...I'm helpless in organising, that why I think Ikea can help, an excuse to be an Ikea fanatic;).

wmd...hey, you are right. Mobile always missing but can easily be found.
Of course I'm ok with you linking to me...I have a long list to link but can't find the time to update the site*sigh*

6:39 PM  
Anonymous rkaru said...

I have phobias about getting locked in/out. And as dad to two, I know how panicky it can get if a toddler locked him/herself in a room. Worst case scenario, a fire (touch wood!) and we can't find the keys to the upstairs window grills. So I devised a fairly simple system; all rooms' grill keys are placed on top of that particular room's fan regulator. Keys to all rooms are placed at a pre-determined place, outside the rooms. Everyone, including moi and missus, must put the keys back in their places after use.

6:01 PM  

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