Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lecturer's blues

This is a time when I wish I have another group of readers besides wonderful mommies, a few friends and 3 wonderful male readers ...geee at least I know these guys have been reading my blog for awhile, lrong, Simon and da buaya.

I wish to have university/college students, or those who will be joining us soon.

It is a regulation that we give one week to the students to make complains before the exam results are finalised.

So, it is a norm that we have students knocking on our doors. For most, it is their first time doing that despite our reminders to them to see us if they want to get more than what they get from the lectures.

Three came to see me, not to complain but to get more marks. I went through the answer sheets with them and I really could not help them.

When I was a student, I really could not take a nagging lecturer. I thought I would not do that, nagging is definitely not a solution.

But what do I do when the students just would not leave and I'm just too polite to ask them to go?

Two of them even said they were a bit confident with the paper, but the answer sheets showed that they didn't even answer the questions. I mean they left nothing there, a blank!

As a relatively new lecturer, I would ask myself if my teaching is no good but I have 2 scorers for that particular paper.

My seniors came up with a hypothesis, sometimes they come in a batch. One batch is good, while the next can be a headache depending on certain circumstances, but I won't blog about it.

One student even claimed he studied together with one of the scorers but I thought "HELLO...does it make you any better?"

I can't believe it, I nag in my blog!

I need a break. So, think I share with you more crafts from Bea1 that are left scattered on my office floor.


The blue thing is a pool, with 3 fishes swimming around, a bee made out of kitchen paper roll, papa (that's what she said when I asked;)), and I'm sure you know it is a clock and that birthday cake, I think is due to the teacher ran out of ideas!
They supposed to have a cooking class but had it cancelled as not many attended the activities classes during the school holiday. I just need to get our kitchen done! least I feel a lot better now! Though I know, putting a kid's crafts won't attract any students to read.


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