Monday, September 11, 2006

We'd been away!

Hubby confirmed on Friday afternoon that the 5-day leave application was succesful. I was a little ecstatic and directly made the arrangement for a whole week leave, too. A bit nervous with so little time to prepare.
Our long break, presented here in more pics and less words;).

Saturday, 2nd Sept.

Selesa Hillhomes Resort.
The company (that hubby works with) paid for an apartment which is bigger than ours.
Spent one night there. Moved to Pekan to meet up a friend. The neighbour had a wedding kenduri and we were invited, ...lovely;).

Sunday, 3rd Sept.
7.20 pm, from our room in the Primula Beach Resort, Kuala Terengganu.

Beach makes me happy, sunshine and beach makes me double happy. But what about finding Bea3's third tooth sprouting, while dancing with her on the room's balcony in a way to cherish the sunshine and the wonderfull beach? It was undescribable.

Anyway, only managed to snap the pic this morning, so what you see is a LOT more than I did on that day!

Monday, 4th Sept.
It was already 10 am when we were ready to hit the beach, AND it was HOT! Hubby and the younger girls preferred the shade but Bea1 was adamant on playing with the sand.

She had packed the beach toys but had forgotten to bring them to the car, a bit upset and this all she created out of the things on the beach.

But mama just got to work. I got to find some volcanic ash, the presence was reported about 30 years ago near Jerteh. We drove to Geological Survey Dept., spent two hours there talking to some staffs and decided that we would continue with minimal infomation.

With some help from a professor by phone calls, we finally managed to locate the site. The problem was they are at a river bank, and I just hate to get wet, and hubby had injured his feet while tripping over a huge tree root. Help is always around from a bunch of kampung kids with a pet monkey.

Bea2 held tight to papa, and Bea1 went "Takut monkey...." over and over. Time for a trip to the zoo, I thought.

They swung like a tarzan (that thing is shown by red arrow), "bedebush" in the water and swam to the other side.

Kampung folks are generous people. When I politely declined the invitation to have tea at the house, the mother of the kids offered some "petai". She said it was fresh, as the monkey just pluck it for them.

Went back to Jabi for some Sate Jabi...yum!

Thought of continuing to another site, but I found out it is only about 40 minutes away from my kampung. Decided to return later.

Tuesday, 5th Sept.

We do what is best when we are, relax, eat, relax!

Wednesday, 6th Sept.

Again, lugging all 3 kids, off we went to the second site. Finding it was not a problem, supposedly. But the kampung folks said, better not with the MPV. It needs a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Very well then, we will return with the right thing. I found out about the second site from the people in Kuala Terengganu, so it is good enough for the time being.

Another beach is aroung 30 minutes away, and off we went to Tok Bali. It becomes a must every balik kampung trip, but we had the beach all for ourselves as it was a weekday.

And again, it was HOT. Does it look familiar here?

We found some damp sands under some shade, to get the girls happy, hubby reluctantly 'helped' out a bit.

Thursday, 7th Sept.

Back to KL, and I managed to persuade my parents to follow. More bonding time with the family till Sunday.

That explains my absence;).

Before I go, these words keep playing in my head

"I love my sons from the first time he opened his eyes till the day you close them"

in my favourite scene in "Troy", from Priam (Peter O'Toole, I just love this man) to Achilles (Brad Pitt). We watched it the 4th time at the hotel.


Anonymous butterflutter said...

We love beach too. Should visit Tok Bali next time :)

11:02 AM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Eh, eh, Terengganu, Primula! I was there too but before 31 Aug.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

butterflutter...I know, can tell from your recent entry;).

5xmom...sayang ya, asyik selisih aja tapi tak jumpa!

6:13 PM  

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