Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthdays and more!

We decided that kids birthdays should be celebrated quietly (or cheaply;). Anyway, it is almost a routine that the first ones must be accompanied with a little "makan-makan" with some guests.

Bea3 turned 3 on Oct. 14. Both her first two birthdays were in Ramadan, and this time it was her first party. Told my guests it was a smallish one, but to my standard it turned out to be the biggest gathering held in our tiny apartment.

I invited new friends, neighbours, students, friends that just got back from the UK for good, the babysitter and family. It was the first visit to our place for most of them. A total of 13 adult guests and 5 kids (excluding mine;)) of Malaysian malays, Malaysian chinese, Jordanians, a Sudanese, two Burmese neighbours.
I got nervous as usual, worrying that things might go wrong. As much as I love to have guests often, I'm not very sure of my capability to handle things (without a helper)). Adel was such an angel in the morning, allowing me to prepare as much as I could.
Don't be fooled by the look on the food;). Of course I was not trying to be a superwoman. I could not take a risk of having Adel clinging on my legs while food being burned;). The main dish at the center of the table is from my sister-in-law, who runs a food bussines and has 8 helpers. So that was easy-peasy for her. She could not come so hubby had to drive all the way to Shah Alam to get the foodie.
Look at the pic closely, the arrangement of the green plate and cutleries is certainly a work by a kid...I love it! We had the full set on the table but they were all gone even before we started eating.
Anyway, I cooked the Nasi Minyak (for the first time), fried meehoon, the cream-based pasta that my kids love (that Alhamdulillah, other kids love too as other food might be too spicey). And I made peach-custard pudding too. The custard turned 'watery' as by that time, Adel really felt neglected and while I was talking on the phone, asking a friend when to stop stirring, he was just tugging on my pants.
Thought of making choc-chips cookies but that's already too much, and I was not ready to bake the birthday cake too.
It was a great one, really. Understanding guests who help cleaning (though I kept asking not to), more than enough food (a very important thing!) that I tapau for each of the guests to bring home, neighbours helped decorating the cake and a chance to show off my new toy...I mean, the oven;). I told everyone not to bring gifts as we believe the birthday girl would be thrilled enough with the cake and the guests, but of course she got gifts. Hubby said by telling that, I did some reverse psychology;).
Bea3's hair was all combed nicely, and decorated with some hairpins minutes before she blew the candles, ok!.
All the other birthdays this year are summed up here.
Adel's first. Definitely a biggie, my parents were here and sister-in-law offered to cook. Guests mostly our close relatives.
Earlier this year Bea1 turned 6. A small one but we invited one of her friends and family. We got tired of secret recipe and for a change decided on an icecream cake that was trying hard to look like a cute pink rabbit!
Before that, Bea2 turned 4. A really quiet one but look at the face of the birthday girl, "kembang habis"!.
And now, I realise that the round blue table is really suitable for kids to gather around a birthday girl/boy!
Birthdays in 2008 are done, we will start again in January 2009 with an additional one in most probably June. Having said that, a little update on the new pregnancy.
Yesterday, we saw a fetus (or is it an embryo at this stage?) with obvious and strong heartbeats. The baby's thriving well, and despite having the worst morning sickness (anyway, I still think to a lot of people it is nothing) I really feel good. I just think that I'm having too much rest, and yearning to start doing filedwork again. Talk to any geologist, and you know we just can't stay too long in the office...rimas you!
With the measurement of the fetus, we could no longer rely on the date of my last period. I'm actually just 6 weeks (despite 8 weeks, according to last date), and new due date is 25th June, 2009. With the shift of date, I still can't stop asking myself of when it really happened. It also means I was only 3 week plus when I first did the test, and this is the earliest I know that the pregnancy test kit can detect the hormones (sorry for my English, ok!).
Now, eagerly waiting to pass the 12th week before I can really shout to the world (as if I have not done that already;)).


Blogger D said...

eeee... congrats!!! another one on the way, eh?? take care..

5:20 PM  
Anonymous lyza said...

So happy to hear about the lil' bud .. :). I pray that everything will be fine this time .... insyaallah ..

Birthdays come and birthdays go .... Somehow, they come faster than they go ..if u know what I mean .. Cepat aje anak2 ni membesar. If u need help organizing birthday parties, big or small .... give a shout!!! I would love to help .....

6:28 PM  
Blogger raggedyanne said...

salam, mama-to-soon-5-beas! i still do read, y'know!

alhamdulillah, great to know the baby's all well. and happy birthday to bea3. you did a splendid job. but my vote goes to adel's cake. magnificent!

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Jesslyn said...

Happy Birthday to your girl and congrats to your new pregnancy!

Take care ya!

9:50 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Oh, we have the little round table too. And our birthdays are always small. Yours, the latest is big by comparison. hehe.

6:32 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Thanks D...I'm still nervous to think that this is the 5th already!

Lyza...thanks for the offer, I know u memang ada bakat.

raggeyanne...Adel's cake from Secret Recipe only lah. We must have a pic of the baby on the cake for first birthdays. For sunsequent b'days, tak mampu dah la;)

Jesslyn... thanks. was actually an excuse to finally have those people over. I don't want people think it's Raya Open house, and since it's Bea3 b'day...everything lumped together la.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Yatie said...

happy b'days to bea3. still remember bea3 b;day because she's 1 day earlier then my dotter.
u beranak on 14/10 then besok i plak meletup. next time kalau i celebrate kids b'day , insya'allah will invite sbb b'day semua dekat dekat. this year celebrate at their school jer

10:55 AM  
Blogger Moo mommy said...

hehe... I am 6 weeks pregnant too...

12:12 PM  
Blogger tanyaa said...

School-going kids know exactly what they want on their special day and parents seem more than willing to please them. Balloons and creepers are things of the past with theme birthday parties becoming the 'in thing'.

12:29 PM  

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