Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a BOY...yay!!!

I knew it! The movement is exactly like Adel's. First movements of the girls were "wiggles". I have "kicks" from boys right away. Anyway, that's what I experienced only not something to be taken as the signs. I'm not serious about that either;). Bea1 is happy as she said she wants to have a "Hi-5" team! I can't get enogh of girls but I think Adel needs a playmate after being 'neglected' during girly playtime by the girls haha.

So that's the latest scan shows. Never had such a thorough scan even I've done a few times with a sonographer in UMMC. I was even given an image, with a previous one I was told they didn't give out prints when asked. Also a report print-out.

Ok, it's not very clear. On the left is his face, I don't know what's the circle in the middle. His hand maybe, as earlier he has one hand on his face all the time. The right pic shows the spine.

Everything looks good BUT, one kidney is swollen. The lady said at this stage I should not worry but another scan is scheduled next month. In a lot of cases it resolves by itself, but to be sure another scan is needed. We would be referred to a specialist if thing does not look good.

I digged up the net right away, from there I know it could be due to blockage of the 'link' from kidney to urethra, or caused by 'lazy' muscle tha does not transfer the urine efficiently. In a lot of cases, the swell resolves itself, others lead to some problem that need treatments after birth. There are too much info for me to digest and till the next scan it is too early to tell. A little worried but I must wait patiently. In the meantime I must enjoy this pregnancy, of having a being inside me as much as I can, be grateful that everything else is fine and pray the kidney will be good in the next check-up.


Blogger Moo mommy said...

Congrax! As you wish!

I am going to have a girl. Everyone kept telling me - good! selang bunga next one will be boy. Hubby face turn "green" coz 3 also a bit too many forhim liao. LOL

Oh... About the kidney swollen. I had a friend's baby also facing the same problem. Gynae advice to go to another gynae for a 3D scan to confirm. Maybe you can try.

1:43 AM  
Blogger chanelwong said...

Congrats to you !!!!!!

9:28 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Its great that now Adel has a playmate too. :)

10:43 AM  
Anonymous lyza said...

Alhamdulillah ....would love to meet up again with u and meet ur kids .. nak tunggu kawan aaqil sorang lagi keluar ......:)

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Fuzzy said...

keep us updated on the progress

7:41 PM  
Anonymous che' nah said...

many congratulations mama22beas! :)

and i pray that all will be well insyaAllah, ameen!

just want to also comment on the previous posting -- on the dilemma bit.

am a maidless, academician (engineering) mum-of-4 (eldest std 2, youngest 2 months). one word, "don't".

when i was in bristol for my phd, i experimented with both distance (stayed in the uni house just opposite the department, knowles and easton) and size (2-room flats vs standard double storey). seriously, to maintain our sanity, small and nearby are the way of life.

anywhere else besides the current place (i.e far from the workplace) will mean that something will be sacrificed, and it'll normally be the work since family comes first, translating to more stress -- or maybe, a maid. :)

tunggu the children grow up a bit more kot... wallahu'alam...

6:48 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Moo mommy...thx will ask about that when I see the ob/gynae soon.

Thx Chanel;)

MG...yeah and a mate to challenge who can climb higher!

I will, Fuzzy!

Che Nah...thx for putting more sense into my head. Hey, we really should chat some day

7:46 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Lyza...mesti mau tunggu ke? Nnati la tunggu masa yang sesuai

7:48 PM  
Blogger 鐵火卷John said...


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