Sunday, October 18, 2009

Samperit or Dahlia

Ok I know Raya is over but please bear with me. And I know you can just google and find hundreds of post about it. But this is my 'adventure' in finding the right way to bake Samperit.

But first, Samperit or Dahlia? I guess both are of the same recipe but different shapes. The one with the flowery shape is called with both names but the long, with grooves on top is definitely Samperit.

Previously it was always ignored by me. I thought it was just some kuih made of butter, sugar and flour.

Someone that I consider an expert at baking said she got her samperit to taste good but she was not happy with the look. I wondered, how hard can it be?
Then during Raya, my sister showed me the most beautiful and tasty samperit I have ever seen and eaten. She reminded me that it is also called Dahlia, made with mainly cornflour and we used to make a lot of it when we we were younger.

Then I have a little "walk down memory lane" moments. I used to be assigned to cut the cherries into tiny, I mean really tiny as they were just expensive. And how I just loved that. Now I can relate to what Bea1 feels;).

So, I just got to make my own. The look of course is determined by the mould, and we must not get the dough to rise. I have made it in 3 batches, using 2 sizes each of closed and open star nozzles, and two samperit mold that the babysitter lend me. I was not satisfied with the look on the first two batches but they tasted yummy. Hubby said he promised a staff in the office some kuih raya for a favor that she did, and I guess my samperit was representable enough and I brought some to the office raya party. My Iraqi PhD student brought home some, and she told how her kids raved about it.

I finally had it close to what I want the third time around. But with Adel keep on asking to eat the raw dough, I didn't get all of them to be nice. At least,I found Wilton 6B is the most suitable for me, so far.

As not to get the dough to rise, I didn't even sift the flour. I only add the soften butter bit by bit till I get soft dough, that I could just pipe it from a piping bag.

The recipe basically is for a part of cornflour (always use good quality one, I used Brown and Polson), you need about 1/4 of plain flour, and 1/4 of icing sugar (depends on how sweet you want it), egg yolk (when mixed with the flour and sugar, enough to make it like breadcrumbs) and finally the addition of butter (good quality also), just enough to make it soft dough.

I just use my fingers to mix, and I just love using piping bag for cookies. It makes shaping the cookie faster. Now, I officially include Samperit as a must-have for raya cookie baking;).

Seriously, baking is like a therapy and challenge now, not something that I do when I have free time. What a minute...I, where got free time wan?;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ada lagi ke? nak rasa sket boleh...hehe


2:02 AM  
Blogger MHB said...

samperit was his fav kueh raya of all time. the girls love it too and I make sure we bake it every raya until now. mine always turn out to be not quite the graceful dahlia - kembaaang but very good to taste. yours look pretty and tasty!!

12:19 AM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

aiya, you really tempting me to get a proper oven....

6:49 PM  
Blogger suzaida said...

its usually after the raya season that we'll be looking/ ransaking the kitchen trying to find if there's left over cookies..looks nice..gebu...mesti taste sedap ni..when nk bagi kawan2 lama rasa ni..:-)

11:08 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

ke..budak2 suka, so selalu buat. No prob.

MHB...I don't know if my is good enough for others, but kids suka sangat. That's enough justification for me;)

mrs b...go get one la, good way to spend time with the girls.

Ajai...kau pun berblog juga ya? Nanti datang rumah, aku musti buat...don wori;)

6:32 PM  

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