Monday, May 30, 2005

Days after he knew....

m/Ng wrote this in his comment for my previous entry

"This is so fun where husband and wife can be like u guys. This is a great way to communicate at times where's tension and both party aren't in talking terms. Many times words are much better to tell things that we dare not or can't blurp out from out mouth.

Using blogs to talk when we are not in talking terms...nah, don't think I'd do that (though it may be a good idea for others). We talk a lot, we spent our first date talking for 26 hours non-stop (except for some 'silence' during the Deep Purple concert), so we hardly don't talk to each other even when are mad. Silent treatments that I normally created only last for a few minutes! Half an hour the most.

Anyway, some conversations are monologues. Me reason: Before we met: while he read Stephen Hawking's stuffs, I read geology, he read stuffs about aviation and stuffs I read geology, and now he reads the Quran and its translation, I either am busy with the kids, or watch CSI, or read geology again! But hey...that's my job!

We had a rather rare oppurtunity to have lunch, without the kids after watching Star Wars on Thursday.

papa22beas: *talking about time and space stuffs from Stephen Hawkings and some other names that I can't remember, relate it to Star Wars, the Jedi, the technology shown in the movie....a bit about George Lucas*...yadda, yadda

mama22beas: *gobble down black pepper burger while listening*, see their onion rings are all in the same size, not like A&W's one!

papa22beas: *got interupted but did not say anything, continued yadda yadda...*

Many times, when he talked about his stuffs, I feel inaduquate...sometimes I wished that I could catch up when I have the time (and passion) to read more so that conversations won't be manologues.

mama22beas: I'm so sorry to interupt you like that...wish I can say something, but you know that I'm listening!

papa22beas: That's ok...I also am always quiet what, when you talk about your geology!

We know we are listening to each other, and so the monologue goes on....

Anyway, now my point for this blog: I used to think that he would not like the idea of blogging. Thought I would keep it as a secret but some blogs are so interesting that I could not help it but to share with him. Till one day he suspected that I had started one and asked for the url. Now that he knew, and looks like he is cool about it though I must be careful of things that I write.

Walking to the carpark after that lunch:

mam22beas: Simon blog something about people being too crazy about Star names registered in Jab Pendaftaran Negara, one of them is Mohd. Anakin...

papa22beas: *chipped in before I finished* I like the chinese name the, what Ben Oh Bee Wan.

Smiled from ear to ear, I had...knowing my dearest hubby even reads blogs of those who have commented in mine!


Blogger Belacan said...

wahlaueh! your hubby read stephen hawkins? respect ler. not many people can fathom his thoughts.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Yup, that's one of his interests...dunno how much he can comprehend, though. As far as I'm concerned, though he talks a lot about it, I'm still blurred..hehe!

3:55 PM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Chewah, Simon sure terangkat to know about the additional reader at his blog. You know that Simon is a member in MMB, right?

3:41 PM  

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