Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fun of having toddler(s)

Babies are the cutest creature, aren't they? I love babies since I was a small kid, and even planned to have my own even before reaching puberty, and before being aware of the process of getting one. I mean...all the work of finding the right man, the wedding and you-know-what (ahem). But what would happen when they, I mean the babies reach toddlerhood? Yes, I had that silly question. I'm sure everyone knows, toddlers can be really loud, and they are mobile and all the talks about 'terrible two stage' did intimidate me a bit. Would I love them as much as when they were babies? All those silly thoughts existed, off course before I become a mother.
Some of the new (or not so new) things that I observed from my Bea1 in the past week or two.

Scenario 1: Being patient
She was playing and suddenly felt thirsty, came running towards the kitchen asked for a cup of warm milo. I told her it was still too warm for her but she insisted. One sip, and she agreed with me. Ran back to the living and continued playing. About 15 minutes later, came back to the kitchen and drank a bit and said "Mama, dah sejuk dah" and continued drinking the rest of the milo.
She probably does not know the science behind it (but who knows, ya? I'm probably underestimating my kid), she will learn about it when the time comes. But she knows given a little bit of time and be a little patient, she will get what she wants.

Scenario 2: Knowing which one is better
One day last week, it rained cats and dogs that we decided to have dinner and did our prayer at IKEA before heading home. Bea1 was so excited. There was a huge McD restaurant just before the entrance of the Ikano Power centre parking. Normally my heart would skip a beat when we passed a McD. But all I heard from the back of the car was "We are going to IKEA, no need McD lah...."

Scenario 3: Being tolerant and true to her words
She had been pestering hubby to buy her new colour pens. She normally would grab the yellow bag and fill in whatever she wanted from the children's section (but off course got to be scanned by mama and papa, before reaching the counter). After playing for awhile, we announced that it was time to go home. She took the colour pens off the shelves, and as usual was reluctant to move from there. She picked stacking rings, saying that it was for Bea2. I reminded her, we've already stacking rings at home. She was still reluctant, I got down at her level, looked into her eyes and calmly reminded her that all she asked from papa was the colour pens (actually, it was more like this "Oh, please Beatrisya, papa and I just spent close to RM400 last month for your toys and the table set here, so not now...ok darling, puhleassssse"). Surprisingly, she stood there for a few seconds as if she was remembering something, put the rings back at its place and with a content look on her face, walked to the lift to go down to the exit.

These are only a few examples that make life with toddler(s) is exciting. Off course it also comes with other challenges. And no matter what age, think my kids will always be my babies.


Blogger Msau said...

*envy* *envy*

SQ going be toddler soon liao..can't wait to see her silly talking & curious..hehe

10:17 AM  
Blogger mjey said...

I agree so much with you....

10:31 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Ya. I think they should rename the terrible two stage to the fun twos.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

msau...don't get envy la...you will have your share very soon. Meantime, enjoy it while you can...

footprints...think every mom of toddler knows what I mean

mumsgather...yeah, it gives me unnecessery worries for mom like me!

12:44 PM  

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