Monday, September 19, 2005

Counting down to D-Day (Part 2)

Arranging the bedroom

It started off with a queen bed, off course. When Beatrisya comes into the world, a cot was added. It was fully utilised till she was 9 month old when she decided that sleeping through the night was no fun at all. On and off she she was in it and after her first birthday, most of the time she was sandwitched between mama and papa.

Bea2 came and she demanded to have me by her side throughout the night. For awhile, all 4 of us shared a queen bed. I just never thought that it was possible, and the cot started to collect dust!

Realising that the girls are getting bigger, and papa22beas is also not getting any smaller;), we bought one of those extendable junior bed from Ikea for Bea1. Following some advices on the internet, we let he chose the quilt cover, pillowcases of her choice. She did that, and was so delighted with the new bed, we placed it in our bedroom but still *sigh* she rather sleep under papa's 'ketiak'!

Since the arrival of the toddler bed, the cot was shifted in the living and became a storage of toys and junks!

For awhile, I slept on the toddler bed with Bea2 and later, papa22beas assembled it to its maximum length and now he is occupying it! Don't underestimate cheap stuffs from Ikea. It can withstand his weight alright, plus some 'activities' *ahem,ahem*.

I'm no hurry to get the girls into their own room but now, with a new baby is coming in less than 1 month, I must do something!

On Saturday morning after papa left for work, I rearranged the stuffs in the room. Took out things that are not needed there, and pulled the cot back in. No matter if the baby will like it, knowing that there is more space for everyone is enough at the moment! Like the room better now, even with a queen bed, a toddler bed, a cot, 2 chest drawers, we still have even larger space to do our prayers!

I have 10 siblings and to have my own room in the house was just a dream. Then I went to boarding schools and stayed in dormitories, later to the uni and shared a room with a roommate! After graduated, I just could not wait and I rented a room. A small room but I'm just happy to have 4 walls all for myself. It lasted for a few years till I decided to get married. The thought of sharing a room with a er...boy made me nervous. It was not that bad, and I never thought I'd be also sharing it with 3 kids soon!


Anonymous sofhib said...

I already dismantle the baby cot as most the time it turn to be junk yard!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

You'll have 4 room-mates soon! Currently one body-mate.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Lrong said...

I have 10 siblings too! A little too many, I think...

4:12 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

sofhib...yeah, once thought was it worth the money, but well it's done!

annie...yeah, 4 room-mates and in a space that is the smallest compared to my dormitories in school and uni;), think very hard to get that from Chinese! Anyway, I'm sure you enjoy having that a little too many;) I do!

2:22 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

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