Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random thoughts:Education system, breastfeeding and Brad Pitt

One day, two weeks ago I conducted a class to prepare my 58 students for their exams. I had done my part of the course and the class was basically for questions and answers session before the exams.

I was approached by a student, and she said that the course was too difficult. Actually, she WHINED that the course was too difficult. Since I'd been talking in 8 classes (and each last for 3 hours) for the past few weeks, I expected that the students at least went through all the hand-outs and notes that had been given. When I asked her on which part that she was having a problem with, she just said almost all. A few words exchanged later, and I just knew that she just either did not read the notes, or trying to get it the easy way! For a moment, I just stood there, speechless and in my mind "Where does she come from?, and why is she here?". I realised that I should never question that and went ahead with my lecture. Later that day I found a few other students of the same species;).

But, before I could even think of being too critical on them, I just gave a thought about myself. I was once, like them!

A lot of them asked me over and over, what would come out in the exams. I just thought "Been there, done that!" and I just explained to them it was not about the questions but rather if they really get the whole principle or concept of the course. It was not only about passing exams. I told them I did my part, and then it was up to them.

I never liked exams, as they did not do much to me. I succumbed to the pressure of being at the top in all my schooling years. I just hated it, and studying became a dreaded chore. In my U days, I forced myself to finish and graduate. In my final year, we were required to write a thesis. That's when I found studying was fun. While doing a thesis, I read (and understand) in my own time, wrote my own ideas, finally got accepted and graded! I immediately pursued my PhD, and now I'm happily doing pretty much the same thing, research and writing, besides teaching.

A few times I thought, there is something wrong with our school (or even the university) system but do I have the solution to make it better?. Nope I don't have, so I thought I just shut my mouth.

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day reading Bakri Musa's writings. (Thanks to
lrong, got it from his blog). Excerp from what he wrote:

The Malaysian obsession with examination results is certainly misplaced. Such valuable attributes as creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurialism cannot be readily tested.

and it made me feel good a bit.

Now what follows next is not related to the above issue but I want to blog it anyway;)

Another enlightening point that I found is that Bakri musa is also a breastfeeding supporter. Another excerp from his writing:

When we were in Malaysia and my wife was breastfeeding our baby, I made sure that she did so whenever we visited the villages. We usually got a general look of disbelief from the women. They thought that “white people” are modern and thus did not breastfeed their babies. I told them the observation of a famous American nutritionist that cows milk was best only for calves! Read
here for more. That made me feel good a bit more;)

Another thing is what I heard on the radio on the way to work, and the newspaper later, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston officially filed for a divorce. Heard a while ago, they said Pitt wanted a baby but Aniston was not ready for it. I'm no die hard fan of Pitt, but it got me thinking "What was wrong with that woman? There are thousands of other women who just love to have babies with him" I don't mind having 20 of them for him;) *kidding, kidding*

Mama22beas is in cheeky mood


Blogger Belacan said...

i never got any tips from my lecturers. the only tips were "study from this chapter to this chapter"! bwahahaha! but a few of my kawan baiks dapat "extra tutorial" on invited basis. so we all pandai-pandai get the tips from them lor. bwahahaha!

11:10 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

That's THE tip already la...what's so hard about studying?
See now, being a lecturer go a whole different thinking. Lupa daratan already;)
Anyway, belacan thanks for putting 3 comments in my blogs in a day! It is a record to me, you know!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'a a chinese but enjoys your thoughts. Obviously you are different from typical Msian politician who centres on his race using race as a ace card. I enjoy you intelligence. keep up the good work.... sadly we do not people like you as our prime minister material.

10:15 PM  
Blogger ninuk said...

i am a product of m'sian education system ... pulun pulun pulun belajar last minute - hey I scored all As you know both in SRP and SPM. never consider myself as brilliant but i am more of a determined person. anyway - education is more than the paper qualification.
and my take on Brad&Jen divorce - let's just not judge based on what's written on paper - we don't know the inside story - and to judge Jen as such is entirely not fair. (not a fan of both Jen & Brad)

6:40 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Ninuk...hey, I'm also one of them and I turned out ok! wah...you terror la!
About Jen and Brad....I was just kidding ok! Never really take it seriously as I'm also not a fan!

10:06 AM  

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