Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lesson learnt the hard way!

Papa22beas always reminds me not to be too obsessed with money. For example, don't be stingy, don't worry about if we even got food to eat tomorrow, or don't worry about how small the house is etc. That's simply because, tomorrow is not for us to decide and trust that Allah will provide. It sounds simple and that's the only way it should be but I admit that a lot of times, I had just totally forgotten!

Yesterday, I went to get the insurance policy for our car. They sent it earlier but got the address wrong, so I was advised to go and fetch it from the office myself. I was delighted to know that the NCB from the previous car had not been deducted yet. I called the car dealer and he said I would get the refund today! It is not much but since it was really unexpected, I was just excited!

I had a naughty thought to spend the money on something and not let papa22beas knew about it. But being me, I just could not refrain myself and told him last night. But I admitted that I was tempted not to tell him;).

Yesterday evening went well, but when he pulled over to park the car when we reached his office this morning, I just could not believed it when I saw the image of the car in the glass wall. A DENT! Yes a dent on my brand new car that is not even 2 months on the road, and i have not even had a chance to write a review about it! We did not see it yesterday, the babysitter also did not notice it and nothing happened the whole evening and during the drive to work.

It was really disturbing, and after some investigation (ahem!) later, I'm pretty sure that somebody (most probably in a 4WD) knocked it while reversing, and it happened in the parking lot at my office! It could be someone from the other department but nobody cames forward (fat chance!) so far!

Anyway, now I know where the money should go! I'm still feeling a bit dissapointed, as I had an insticnt that that particular parking spot might not be good! Well, just got to get it fixed fast, hopefully when it is no longer there, I will stop dwelling on it! It is just money, and with Allah's will, my 'rezeki' will continue to come!


Anonymous Maria said...

ah ah ah...think about spending the money yourself lar, see? what happen? hahaha...you should think belanja Maria minum teh tarik then this may be never happen lor hahaha...just kidding...

2:44 PM  
Blogger ninuk said...

there ! tu lah don't be greedy ... as my falsampah goes ... ada sikit belanja sikit sama-sama, ada banyak sedekah sikit yg lebih belanja sama-sama :) ha ha ha true ... money comes money go go go ... don't worry be happy :)

6:34 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Maria...hehe, after deducting for the repair, I still got 3/4 of that amount. So next time we meet, I belanja you!

Ninuk...yeah, learnt my lesson. We use the money to prepare for raya and some put aside as duit raya for the kids!

10:04 AM  
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