Thursday, May 25, 2006

A "syok sendiri" post from a geologist

Don't say I didn't warn you...this is a "syok sendiri" post;).

One of the reasons why I love my job, I learn something new everyday, a lot of times when I least expect it.

Today, I thought I wanted to take a day off. Bea3 had an overdue immunisation jab, had to fetch bro-in-law to and from hospital. In-laws will be coming to stay for a few days on Saturday and since the new place is nearer to the hospital, we may stay there despite we got no kitchen (and a lot of other things) yet.

But at least, I must get the curtain fixed in the other bedroom. I could also finalise my kitchen design at the Ikea and ask for the quotaion. So, my plan was after I'm done with Bea3 and bro-in-law, and sending some emails in the office, a quick blog about the grille, I would be out to my favourite place, Ikea.

But, I saw a notice on my table about a talk on tsunami. Tried not to get tempted. Saw the emails, found another notice, again pretended not interested.

Went to the office to check mails, again reminded about the talk as the staffs had prepared the long table for tea, before the talk.

Then people came to me one after another, with little tasks to do here and there. By the time I was ready to go, it was time for the talk. Ok lah, I thought I stayed for 15 minutes.

I actually stayed for 1 1/2 hour.

It was a talk about 2004 tsunami by a japanese scientist. He studied on why receding waves hit the east (Banda Acheh, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia), and high waves to the west. He showed more proofs that Peninsular Malaysia moved a few centimeters to the west after the quake.

And how another Japanese presented a paper just two weeks before the tsunami and from studies on microatolls around the Andaman Sea, predicted that the occurence of major quakes happen in 230 years interval. He concluded the subsequant one would be in less than a few decades. He was right, a bit wrong on the decades, it was actually weeks;).

I will do what I normally do, I'd share it with hubby.

There goes another plan to take time off...well, I will try again tomorrow;).

Sorry if this geological stuffs bore you, my wonderful readers...I'm out of here!


Blogger ninuk said...

do you think if an academician tell the Govt, look Tsunami might happen next week based on my research ... do you ever think the Govt will listen and act proactively - i doubt.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Ninuk...I have to be careful with my comment on that. They just placed 3 buoys (part of the warning system) but according to my colleague, who is a researcher in this field, one of them is misplaced. She tried to work with the Met. Dept but it seemed she was 'unwelcome' but all of us were called for the seminar to discuss more about it. And the attendance was very sad, think a lot would benefit from it but only a handful were there....I puas fikir, what is wrong with them, marketing teruk ke apa? Ok lah enough said!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Sarah's Mummy said...

Tak boringlah. I remember reading something similar somewher post Tsunami that a geologist actually did warn the Thai govt about the approaching catastrophe. Family of victims are currently considering on suing the Thai govt for not taking heed of the warning...

3:01 PM  

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