Monday, May 08, 2006

Intimate meme for woman only

Lil tagged me on this meme about the contends of handbag.

Well, guess I can do this very fast.
Just upgraded from a clutch to a bigger handbag, so that I don't have to always carry another bag for the kids for short outings.


I think I'm pathetic that I use black to match with everything, and to compensate that a little, I do have a pink wallet. Fat wallet not of cash but recepts of credit card transactions, from banks etc that I have not disposed.

I always bring something to read in case I got stucked somewhere. And on the journal printout, I have one lipstic ONLY, two lip gloss, evian atomiser, very cheap face powder, passport (sometimes hubby's too), the blue booklet for visits to clinics, handphone, thumbdrive, car key, office keys, that two little plastic flowers that I keep and will try to get them glued back on Bea2's shoes, but I just could not find the time!. Colour pens to occupy the kids if we stuck somewhere.

Thermometer to take the girls' temperature the moment I see the indications that they are sick.

The 3 pairs of socks are always in just in case they get cold.

When we go out, I add 2 diapers, one cloth diaper, 1 hanky, 2 sets of change of clothes for the two younger girls, and a water bottle.

And the white spots that you see on the handbag are Bea3's puke;).

Now you know more about me...I guess you can see I'm a paranoid mom;).

Now I really love to dig into somebody else's bags, and the tag goes to gartblue, and ninuk.


Blogger 5xmom said...

Hahaha, macam doktor la! Ada thermometer lagi, bukan main canggih! Nice pink wallet, btw.

2:43 PM  

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