Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ok lah, since everyone is talking about it....

The da Vinci code, I mean.

I never thought I would go to this extend to please my husband. Ok here's the story.

He announced yesterday that he is taking leave tomorrow and asked me to book tickets for the movie.

I never knew that he is that eager, as I can wait till next week, at least till we are done with a geological fieldtrip that we are going to make this weekend.

He knows I'm busy with work, and on top of everything else tomorrow, the preschool will do Mother's day celebration and I put my name down and I'm bringing fruits for the pot luck, but he also knows I can take time off.

To save time I thought I could just do it on phone. I was glued to it, with two hands on the keyboard doing some works, calling GSC and TGV and booked for MidValley, 1U, Berjaya Times Square, Cheras Leisure...anywhere that can be reached within 1 hour from our place. But nothing worked. He tried too, also to no avail.

Called him, and he said I can try Seremban if the tickets are not available in Klang Valley.

I was about to give up but...well, I know he is going to be dissapointed.

After dropping off the girls at the babysitter's and done with expressing breastmilk, I found myself driving to MidValley. It is Thursday, the crowd won't be that bad. How wrong, I was.

I was in the queu for 1/2 hour, starving and could not take my eyes off the McDonalds.
Finally got the tickets, and after making sure a few times that it was Da Vinci Code and not Mat Laksa, or Senario Pedang Yamashita (or something like that), I made my way to the McDonalds.

While munching BigMac (after working in McD in SS2 and Bristol for quite some time, think the taste of the box with a little ketchup is better), I drove to the office and was 1/2 hour late for a meeting.

The book is the only exciting non-geological stuff I've read after so long. I would not get influenced until he brought it home, and it was during the maternity leave. We found that we were racing with each other who would finish first, and I really like it when he talked about it, and how he did more readings on certain elements mentioned in that book.

Seriously, I should not be watching a movie in my situation now, but I certainly need a break. The last movie we watched is the Star Wars, many months before that is the Troy.

Guess I've been 'manja'ing my man too much. Anyway, think I deserve a big reward from hubby for the tickets;).


Blogger Queen Of The House said...

So what's the verdict for the movie? Was it worth it? (I have not been in a cinema for donkey years).

3:42 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Yessssss...and actually I'm glad I got to watch it earlier than I thought.
Off course the book is better, but to me those who have read the book, kalau tak tengok rugi juga!

4:12 PM  

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