Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bea1 is having a good time!

I had never thought that the preschool has such an influence on Bea1. On Monday morning, after a very busy moving day on Sunday, added with playing until way past midnight with Bea2 and a cousin, I thought she would just continued sleeping till 10 am.

The preschool is closed for the school holiday but it is opened for activities in the second week. Bea1 indicated that she wanted to join.

Just to confirm, I asked her again on Monday before leaving for work. I didn't expect her to say yes, but to my surprise with both eyes still closed, she nodded. Asked again to be sure, she said she wanted to go. But she just could not move to the bathroom, and I had to carry her.

After being cleaned, she looked like she was really happy to go back to school after the one week break.

It is a small group attending, actually it is only 4 and the only two teachers are there.

The teacher said she was upset earlier as she expected it to be a normal school day, but later was ok when a Ukrainian boy who is from the same class arrived.

After the first day, I know that my girl will continue to follow the activities the whole 5 days.

It is about playing, with a lot of materials laid down for them. We were very late yesterday, and I just love seeing the kids having fun painting at the yard. The teachers cut plastic bags and put on them to protect their clothes. Which kid would resist that? Bea1 walked to them without looking back at me, no kiss and no goodbye!

And upon seeing me at the door, she would carefully gathered her works and happily showed to me one by one.

These are what she did for the first 2 days.

I love the flower, and flowers and butterfly.

Eager to see what she would made today, I have to wait for about an hour!


Blogger mumsgather said...

Thank you for posting the pics. Can curi some craft ideas from here. Hehe.

1:23 PM  
Blogger geetha said...

Nice crafts. Sounds fun. That's why your daughter wanted to go ;)

5:10 PM  
Blogger Haariz's Mommy said...

from the pictures.. i see she is talented la.. anak buah i yg dah masuk sekolah rendah pon fail bab2 color-mengcolor ni.. :)

1:21 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

MG...will post a pic of all crafts for the following days, soon.

geetha...yes, and everyday now...even with eyes still closed she insisted to go;)

haariz's mommy...every kid had different inclination towards certain talents. Bea1 definitely into arts;).

11:21 AM  

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