Thursday, November 16, 2006

We are counting down!

I was looking for a way to explain to my kids (especially the eldest, Bea1) why they could not wear the Raya shoes and bajus ALL the time, when Raya was still about two weeks away. I thought doing counting down was great. I explained that we had so and so number of days before the real day comes.

Bea1 is kind of ok with it, though sometimes she could not resist the temptation when Bea2 was at it.

After Raya, we did again for our recent balik kampung trip.

And now, tomorrow my sister and her kids will be coming over. Bea1 has been delighted, and asked me how many nights she got to sleep before meeting them. That was last week, without much thought, I only agak-agak (was driving) and said "10!". Besides, that's easy by using 10 fingers;). That's what I thought.

And she did the counting, normally during the drive to school, she would say there is so and so number of nights left.

Seeing that she was serious about it, I tried to figure out if the number that I agak-agak was the right one. I was like "Ohhh...shoot, I miss it by one night, it was actually 11".

Well, trying to do a little "cover-up", during weekend (no school), I tried not to mention anything about it, hoping she would lose her track (I know, I know...malu la). A bit silence for a few days, and yesterday she talked about it again and she is well on the track.

I realised now she is actually doing some Math. Well I really don't care if other people kids know algebra at 3 years old, this is my kid, so in order for me to "keep up", she does not have to be that fast.

And today, after school, she was adamant that her cousins are already in the house. I admitted my "mistake" and she asked me why, as if a mother can't possibly make such a mistake. Urgh...*head hung low*

Anyway, she was ok when I explained and explained, and finally said "Just one more night, ok..." with puppy eyes.

So, that's a bit about parenting, mama23beas' style. Errr...nothing to boast about, just sharing;)

Next lesson: People make mistake


Anonymous butterflutter said...

To be a good mother you must be creative kan...creative dalam semua perkara dari bab makanan till bab cari alasan...tee..hee..hee...

11:26 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

butterflutter...agree 101% with you, and that makes motherhood enjoyable eh!

4:17 PM  

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