Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A cheque in my mailbox

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday. A cheque in my mailbox.

I was invited to contribute to write an article in a book about breastfeeding. It was many, many months ago. I'm always happy to share with mothers anything on that matter, in any way, anytime. So, I just agreed.

I didn't really know (and expect) that I would get some royalties from the sale, talking about a 'blur sotong' hehe..., but I remember receiving an email asking me for my details.

After that, a total silent and I didn't really think about it.

One day a few months ago, a friend called up, she screamed that she was at the MPH and saw my name as one of the authors of a book.

I took a peek at the book later, it is a good job by a bunch of enthusiastic breastfeeding mothers.

After that, senyap again.

Till yesterday, when I looked at the cheque.

The amount is not much, but I'm surprised with the sales. Not bad at all.

Anyway, I wrote about nursing while pregnant and tandem-nursing.

I tandem-nursed Bea1 and Bea2 till Bea1 turned 4 years old. By this time, Bea3 was already around 3 months old. And yes, for a few months I was a 'milking cow' to all 3 kids. Now, I'm doing it with the younger two.

And yes, I'm a bit crazy but in a good way, I believe *wink*

Thanks ummikusayang and all the mothers for the kind effort to make sure that babies get only the best.

More about tandem nursing can be found at MMB.


Blogger ninuk said...

i got mine too, but mine do not have the Co stamp. so i've to return it :)

5:18 PM  

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