Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Al Diafah (again) and some other stuffs...

Second trip to Al Diafah
I never thought our next trip to Al Diafah happened so fast, it was last night. I went home to a rose fragrance everywhere. Alarmed, I run to my perfume bottle. It was almost empty. Nope it didn't drop, or terbalik. The cap somehow was spoilt, seriously I have no idea but the o-ring that was supposed to make a seal, was being 'dissolved'. I had an uneasy feeling about it earlier, and yesterday, the perfume just evaporated.

I quickly called hubby saying that I'm going there right away, cooked dinner, fed the kids, fetched hubby and we were there again. I was hoping for a deal, a replacement of something after talking to the boss. She was not there, in Makkah doing umrah. But the staff, without the slightest hesitation handed me another bottle. I told her I prefer to talk to the boss as even with a new one, same thing could happen again. She asked to call next week.

Hubby said, since we were there, why not have tea or something. I had Yagmosh, Mohalabia (a kind of dessert), he had omellete and cheese sandwich with tomato and squid soup. I don't have anything to say but all praise. The ladies toilet is superb.

I'm bringing a girlfriend next week...yippeeee!!

But people must think that we are crazy parents to bring kids like this (see pics) to a restaurants:

While I was busy cooking, they got themselves busy colouring themselves and the little sister green. I never planned to enter the restaurant but the temptation just too strong...hehe. Besides, they started to get cosy with the place and ran around, no more behaving like the first time...*sigh*

Kids say the darnest thing

I've been teaching Bea1 about shapes since she was a baby. One day, she was flipping a book about shape that I bought for Bea3 and asked me to test each other with the things around us.

I pointed to the TV
"Rectangle..." She said. I said "Boleh lah..."

"How about the book?", she yelled "Square...", Ok lagi.

"How about this...?" pointing to a hole, at the back of a chair (where we insert the hand to pull it). A little pause, she said "Oval...". "Boleh la..." I said.

Mama started running out of ideas, but something just came out

"How about papa's tummy..."

Without a moment of pause and hesitation, she confidently yelled "CIRCLE"

Mama LOL sampai pecah perut.

I related that to hubby the first thing when he got home;).

One of the things my kids do in the car...

to kill the boredom, being strapped in carseats, I mean.

Bea2 did a magic and said "Tengok mama, tak jatuh" and mama went " DID it!!!"*clap, clap*

That's all for now to release the urge to blog!


Anonymous sofhib said...

Al Diafah sound yummy to me

5:56 PM  
Blogger urs truely said...

:) LoL abt shape of 'papa's tummy...'.
and...sounds like excellent relationship u r having with ur litle ones....

:)am linking ur url in my directory at

urs truely.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

It is sofhib, totally a thumb-up;)

urs little ones, they are precious, I'm blessed and thanks it is an honour being linked to a good blog;).

6:38 PM  

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