Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Al Diafah, we are coming back for more!

Thanks to gartblue as one of her posts brought me here.

In trying to be "bersederhana" during Ramadhan, we have tried to resist a lot of temptations to those buffet style buka puasa.

But for the above, I'm guilty as charged.

First, I just mentioned to hubby about the restaurant after reading gartblue and boo_licious. And i hinted that it'd been some time since the last time we had middle eastern cuisine.

He happened to be there one day, and he brought back some dates. He mentioned that they also sell perfume at the lower floor. For details, go to boo_licious.

On the last Friday of Ramadhan, he had to work late and we decided to eat out. He mentioned he believed he could get some nice perfume that some Arabs that he met at the mosque there, and suggested Al Diafah.

I just prayed that they serve something that my baby can eat.

It was indeed a pleasant experience. It was drizzling and that kind of weather makes people hungry. We were seated near the balcony. Kids are welcome, judging from the availability of high chairs. We asked for two.

My first serving. Saleek is a kind of poridge that the kids just could not get enough. I was busy feeding Bea2 at my left and Bea3 at my right.

First serving for hubby, and Bea1.

Kids behaved generally well as they really enjoyed the food, but I had to stop Bea1 over and over from touching little ornaments displayed at the wall, behind her.

Second serving for hubby. We had another round of a full plate of saleek for the kids, mendy and tagen, more bread with baba ghanough and hummus for hubby and me, 3 bowls of fruit salad. Bea2 loves the hibiscus juice, but we were dissapointed that the date tea was finished before we had a chance to taste it. They said it takes them 2 hours to prepare, so another reason for us to return. No more pics from me, go to boo_licious again for more professional pics.
While eating, I already planned for our next visit, only me and hubby. But looking at my kids enjoying the food (and place) so much, I really don't have the heart to leave them. The staffs are really helpful too.

After that, we went down to the shop at the ground floor. We didn't find what hubby was looking for, but he bought me some rose extract. Since I decided that smelling nice is only for husband (though most of the time I have that 'garlicy' smell;)), I have not been using much perfume. Still have not finished my Azzure, and didn't expect any from him. Well, nobody can resist that. Something that looks like 3 ml for RM150.

We also received a cute kids' umbrella, that the kids are ecstatic about.
Spending RM90 for a meal is expensive for people like us (RM45 per adult, and the kids eat for free), but to me it is all worth it. A lot better than hotel buka puasa buffet, I'd say.


Blogger Adam said...

Ah! Miss eating out and the various buka puasa treats at various hotels in KL. Now it's home cooked food all the time.

3:02 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

It ok Adam...home cooked, to me is the best. Though of course, we want variety sometimes;)

4:51 PM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

got me tempted with mid east food. where is this? can't locate it from boo-li's link

6:13 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Mrs B...it is in Sri Petaling. Near Sri Petaling Hotel. I don't know how to go to individual link, but it is boo_licious Oct archive. The entry is at the bottom. Takes a while to download as lots pics.
The add. is there too.
Now, they don't do buffet anymore...but the place is great, I tell you. You must ketuk Mr B kaw-kaw, ok;).

6:24 PM  

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