Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Tenggiri dish

Another attempt by mama23beas to blog about food with her pathetic camera;).
I was looking for something new and I found this in MMB from a mother. She also has a food blog but I'm not sure if she ever put the same recipe in it.
I never made fishball or fishcake at home, and I always have this uneasy feeling about the preservatives or flavor that has been used in the ones that we can find in the market. That made me shy away from buying them.
Well, this one is not exactly fishball or cake, but to me it is close. She calls it Yu Fu or fish tofu.
Following her recipe, but with lesser amount of ingredients I used 200 g of tenggiri flesh, 11/2 egg, a quater teaspoon of baking powder and a bit of salt. I don't have a food processer, and used a blender to mix together.
She reminded that, it would expend due to the baking powder but I just underestimated it. It was a bit out of control, as I used a small pot. The fun part was it 'kembang' to various and weird shape. Think I saw an elephent;). It became smaller after being cooled.
After a few times, I could get bite size from half a teaspoon of the dough.

I just agree with her, it tasted good on its own or with ketchup. I threw some in my very lazy version of vege soup and it was a hit among the girls. Well, they love any kind of soup, anyway.
Now no more worry about preservatives in fishballs since I can substitute them with this new recipe, but still all those chemicals disposed to the sea and get into the fish would always haunt me. Yup, I can be paranoid, sometimes;).

Another dish is also very simple. From my sister, her husband's favourite. Recipe handed down from his grandmother. I'm sure you have seen fried fish sold at Nasi Campur stall, that comes with a lot of what looks like 'crumbs'. I know some of the spices used, but I never found exactly like the recipe.
Smother (dunno if I use the right word hehe) thin slices of tenggiri with salt and tumeric (I use powder), then deep-fry. Using mortar and pestle, I grind bird eye chillies (for a few slices of fish, I use about a fistful), an inch of fresh turmeric and a few pips of garlic, very finely. Hate this part, I don't know if I can get the same result using the blender, I mean for dry ingredients. And last night, Bea3 got a little excited. She sensed a 'beat' from the pounding, and started to dance and even tapped on my shoulder (I was sitting on the floor) to dance with her. Ok, I digress.
Using the same oil, but not to much la...over very slow fire, fry them, occasionally stir till they look 'crispy'. Pour them over the fish. Eat it with piping hot rice, I just lurvvvve it. Hubby finished every bit of the crumb from the plate. Think you can imagine if you like it or not. Since I use a lot of tumeric during my confinement, it would be nice to have this but my mom would definitetely objects as it got oil.
Anyway the thing I hate when using fresh tumeric is, I still got the stain on my fingers!


Blogger D said...

adoiiiiii... yummy yummy in the tummy!! i'm drooling all over the keyboard! will definitely give it a go! thanks for sharing..

2:56 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

No prob d;). Alwya wish I'm a better cook, though;)

6:35 PM  
Anonymous anne said...

u know what, my cekodok looks even funnier than those fishballs/cakes!

11:48 PM  

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