Monday, January 22, 2007

Another birthday, and a wedding anniversary HFM

Who really cares about a birthday, and wedding anniversary when one's kids have that dreadful HFM (Hand Foot Mouth) Disease.

Belacan blogged it, and The Star reported a few cases.

It started on Monday night last week. Bea1 complained of painful mouth and refused to eat dinner. Checked and it was ulcers. Thought it was normal ulcers, and just encouraged her to drink a lot.

Instict told me to check her hands the first thing I saw her after school. I was worried sick when I saw the blisters. Didn't know much about HFM, then except it scared the hell out of me when the endemic was at its worst in Sarawak last year.

We brought her to the clinic the next day, after seeing more blisters on her soles.

The doc said it could be HFM, but she didn't get any fever. She asked me to go straight to the hospital if she got any.

And what is heart-breaking to a mom? I'm sure all moms can relate well to this. It is seeing her child holding her favourite tuna bun, and a box of chocolate milk. And she could only do that, staring at them longingly as it was just too painful to eat, even to sip.
And I think all moms would feel like 'luku'ing someone (in this case, the father), who being 'helpful' taught the kid how to eat, by walloping half of the bun in one mouthful....grrrrr!

She even refused porridge.

I informed the school, and tried to separate the girls the best I could. But being sisters and good play buddies, nothing really worked.

By this time, I also received news that 2 kids in the babysitter's neighbourhood (but go to different preschool, nursery), and one at a nearby nursery got it too. And I also did some reading, most cases are just mild.

Just when I thought I can relax a bit, Bea2 complained of painful mouth on Thursday night. And yes, she got it too. Luckily, Bea1 was getting better, after some training (I taught her to avoid chewing near the ulcers) she ate rice well and even annouced she finished two chicken drumstick while I was getting Bea3 to sleep.

Bea2 acted worse. Applying medicine was a struggle, hubby had to pin her down. She just lied down the whole of Friday. And also found out Bea3 had it too.

Knowing that all of them love watermelon, I bought some. I knew they were scared to eat, but that juicy, red melon was just too much to resist. It was funny looking at them, amidst the little whimpers of pain, they forced themselves to eat.

We spend the night rocking both of them to sleep, and cajoling them to eat and drink when it was obvious that they were just too hungry and thirsty. Bea3 developed some blister on hands and feet, but I saw none on Bea2.

Luckily, they were better on Saturday and they fought over some porridge. Bea2 still had trouble to sleep that night. We finally settled for a good night sleep last night. And the kids are much better today. The blisters on Bea1 reduced to dark tiny spots, no more liquid in them.

My plan for hubby's birthday was to get up early, and cook his favorite breakfast before he leaves for work. And for our wedding, again to cook something special for the family. They stay as they are, only plans as we spent every oppurtunity that we got to just doze off.

I'd love to write a post to commemorate our wedding anniversary, but I've already scrapped the idea off. Anyway, this is our 6th (he thought it was 5th, he is helpless with dates) and we're looking forward to our 4th child. Is it fast or what?

Anyway, it's been 6 years that he's been leaving his socks around for someone to pick up. It is obvious that, an evidence was shown in my blog once in this entry.

And another almost made an appearence in a post on
Bea2's birthday
. (He would kill me for putting this up, but I really don't care;)).
That makes me think, we have a healthy husband-wife relationship. And with the way we are handling the current 'crisis', think we are ok though with some little bickerings which I think is normal.

Back to HFM, watch out for any sign if your kids attend preschool/nursery/school. We will wait for a couple of days before we an hit the swimming pool again. From, what I read, it is not water-borne, but I'm just worried, there might be other kids there too...can't wait!


Anonymous mrs b said...

wow, i nearly knonked out on one but you handled 3 while pregnant, tabik! poor girls, hope they get well soon. and mummy to recover fast too.
hehe, in our household, I get nagged for not putting dirty clothes into the laundry basket immediately. Ish!

1:38 PM  
Blogger mjey said...

Hey Ros,

Shaveena had this too last year...and she survived two whole days on just 100 plus. Vishal got it very mild and and it passed very fast.

Hope the kids get better fast.

6:07 PM  
Blogger supernunu said...

oh no! this HFM virus sounds evil. Supernunu hasn't encounter this type of virus yet, but I sure hope it stays away. I don't wanna have a fight with those darn virus.

Hope the Beas recover ASAP.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Oh dear .... I really hope your Beas will be okay. It is such a bummer when you can only watch your kids suffer and hope they get well quickly.

I must apologise for not getting back to you ... last week was too hectic and I managed to get to the hospital only at nights. And I had thought to call you when I am already over there so we could meet. But anyway, my mom has been released ... for now. Still, I owe you a phone call :-)

6:43 PM  
Blogger Belacan said...

aiyoh, here's wishing the 3 Beas get better quickly.

psst, i don't leave dirty socks around the house. confirmed by Mrs B above, heh! :P

8:22 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thanks everyone for the wishes, the girls are ok now;).

Mrs B...looking back now, think it is not that bad, they girls were cranky mainly because they were just hungry. Besides, I got no morning sickness at all;)
But how come eh, we are the ones doing most do chores also can get nagged, not fair, right?

Yes, I forgot to mention 100 plus. Hubby bought bottles for the girls, too.

Supernunu...make sure when you hear about it, try to stay away from kids esp. at shopping mall etc. Think the Beas got it from Ikea...heh, I make it sound too easy for you!

Queen...oh, please you don't owe me anything ok. Call me when it is the most convenient to you. Anyway, glad that you mom has been release, wherever her next treatment and whatever the desicion made, I will continue to pray for her and ur family.

belacan...really ka? I must send hubby to you for some 'motivation' ok?

12:08 PM  

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