Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Of the Wedding of the Year, Tsunami and the Flood in Johor

I just need to rant a little bit.

Last semester, I taught a bunch of first year students a basic geological course, of plate tectonics, volcano, earthquake and such. As university students, I reminded them to keep updated on what happens everyday, particularly on major geological events.

It was around July/August last year, and thanks to the Wedding of the Year and the HUGE hooha about it, the students missed the news on the tsunami in Pangandaran, South Jawa altogether, though I could see many of them carrying newpapers around, anyway, they were mostly Cosmo or Kosmo (I'm not sure of the spelling).

A lot of bloggers wrote about it, but I chose the one from rkaru's.
But, they are first year students, so I can accept that, I thought.

And now, I'm teaching a more detail course to a group of second year students. Two days ago, I asked for someone to talk a bit about the event. Apparently, they knew about the event on the Boxing Day, 2004, but NOTHING on Pangandaran....isk!

Yes, the world received a huge shock of the great tsunami, but I expected university geology students to be aware of subsequant events.

Ok lah...they are only university students. Kasi can lagi...

And last night, I was reading to the elder girls when Bea3 accidently hit a button on the remote control, and we suddenly had Aljazeera news. It caught my attention when Johot flood was mentioned, and walau ehhh...first I saw a familiar man handing a pack of rice to an elderly man, then I saw HER....

And this confirmed it.

I like seeing them a lot better at the flood site, doing their bits (which I'm sure would give a big influence to others) than on the first page of Cosmo, the Star, Malay Mail, NST etc a few months ago, talking about "teka-teki" and horse carriage etc...well again, that's not their fault, newspaper figures what really sells.

Let's also see if the new education blueprints works.

And yeah....I read about a lot of dissatisfaction on how the situation is being managed there, and the involvement (or the lack of it) of the politicians.

Let's do our part, ok! I'm happy the university has a place now to collect donations. All stuffs will be brought down to Johor tomorrow.

And hey, this is more than a rambling! Thanks for reading, anyway!


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all about her here & there. there are many more news to report instead about her.

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