Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pics I took today!

We were a bit out of routine this morning. Normally Bea1 plays with some computer games, Bea2 plays anything that she likes in my office while I feed them breakfast. Today, I left the nasi lemak in the car. While I read through an important email, the kids played golf on my carpeted floor;).
We ate the Nasi Lemak in the car, we were very late but I didn't care. Later we sang our heart out, following an Arabic song that I don't have a clue of who the singer is, and the title. It is a CD that hubby bought.
Later, I bid them goodbye at the school gate. I felt a bit of sadness, but I smiled when I saw Bea1's hand reached out for Bea2's and they walked hand in hand. I prayed that they would have fun in school, while I with a Prof, an Associate Prof and two students got to go to Serdang to search for some white, powdery thingy that we call volcanic ash somewhere along a highway there. I also prayed I would not be late to fetch them during lunchtime.

The next pic is of some ash, quite boring with naked eyes but what follows the pics of the same thing, only a few tiny grain of it, but under a microscope. I marvel at the technology that enable us to see this, it never fails to amaze me that findings show this ash was flown from Sumatera some 75,000 years ago, but I keep on having one image in my head. An expression of a elderly man in Padang Sanai. He was initially keen to know more, when I asked his permission to get some 'soil' from his 'bendang' or padifield. The expression on his face changed right after I mentioned that we believe his 'soil' is originated from Indonesia, and I sensed "Eh, engkau ni dah melalut la" when I mentioned the age.
Well, it is a small challenge of being a geologist.
That's it, just to release the urge to blog while I know I just should not;)


Blogger D said...

These look like some great picts (though I'd easily say they were anything but what they actually are!).

5:07 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thanks d, though some people may still find them boring (I mean the ash, not my kids I hope hehe)

6:59 PM  

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