Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More travellings on the go

A quick one while waiting for the iron to heat.

We are now in Batu Pahat to accompany hubby. Only for one night and I'm happy all of us are here. As far as my kids are concerned, there are 3 homes: rumah baru (referring to our new apartment), rumah lama (old apartment, now a giant storage space;)) and rumah hotel (I'm sure you know what this means). Whenever rumah hotel is mentioned for our incoming trips, the elder girls would ask, what type of rumah hotel, does it come with a beach, a lot of trees etc.

Here in Batu Pahat, we got no choice but to settle for a rather cheap one as all the others are fully booked. However, the were just busy inspecting and playing last night, and nw they are still in bed. And I contiued to work till 2 am.

BP appears to be a lot more different than 6-7 years ago. A lot more bussines I see. And can't really beleive it had been hit by the flood. We had Mee Racun Gearbox last night, only to be found here according to our hosts. Almost like mee hailam but with the additional "gearbox" element in there;). Sorry no pics as I was too lazy, besides the connection is a bit slow.

For Deepavali break, we will be heading to Perlis for some fieldtrip to the limestone park. There has been changes all the time. I should be in Langkawi for 2 conferences after that, and thought my crazy plan to do day-trip everyday changes a bit as hubby also needs to be there. The current plan is we drive to Perlis and stay for a few days, move to Langkawi on Saturday, do a bit of holidaying for me and kids as he works on Sunday. I will do the conference on Monday and we will return to KL in the afternoon after my presentation. Then the rest will follow my original idea.

We will stay in rumah hotel with a beach, Mutiara Burau Bay in Langkawi but I have yet to find one in Perlis.

Gotto go! Write more later.


Blogger soomingooi said...

There is only one reasonable hotel in Perlis which is Putra Palace. The rest is more like a budget hotel/motel.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

soomingooi...thanks and yes, we have that in mind.

3:14 PM  

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