Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tag: Let's recycle our first post

A quick entry before hitting the sack.

5xmomtagged on looking back to the first entry. One of the things that makes me wanted to quit is my first post. I always remember it with a little embarrasement and yet I never took it out.

Well a bit of history first. I only knew blogging from a few moms in MMB and of course 5xmom herself. It never really occured to me that a blogger can write just about anything under the sun, and beyond that. Well, I was inclined to write about my kids, and of course writing about our lives seemed unavoidable. After a while, it was kind of a routine, it became a personal diary pulak. Thought of writing about totally different thing but I thought I would start another blog for that.

I wrote my first entry months before I first hit the "publish" button, as I was not really sure if I was really into this. It was a long and boring one "yawn". It is a like my one-sided conversation with hubby. Looking back, I thought how come I start like that.
It was about some sleepless nights I had, some nightmares that later I believed were early symptoms of pregnancy. Only after finding out that I was really pregnant with my Bea3, I had the courage to really do this, plus some nudges from some bloggers but I had already settled with "mama22beas" and still can't find the right name till now;).

Here's the final sentences of the first entry.

"All this kind of dreams (and comes one after another) only mean one thing to could be some indications of some hormonal change. With all other changes that I was having, I had the courage to do a pregnancy test. And yes, I'm now expecting my 3rd baby. By the time I finished writing this, I'm in my 12th week. I was thinking to change my username (as now no longer mama to only 2 beas) but still no idea. I'm happy if I finally can submit this as my first entry (I've commented other people blogs and they asked me why my link is not working...ya la, I've not activated it), and worry about the name later. I love to put links of the blogs that I'm enjoying but do not know how...I will slowly learn."

...and I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly learn anything new in the past 21/2 years.

You can read the whole thing herebut I've warned about that one-sided conversation, ok!

Ok, I'd love to know what another mom,bluewonder says about her first post.


Blogger mumsgather said...

Just popping by to wish you Selamat Hari Raya!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thanks MG;)

12:36 AM  

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