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Confinement after Childbirth: Malay-Kelantanese Style

Part 4: Tradisional massage and some other medication

Of all the practice, I love the massage the most. Normally mom would invite the massage lady once I reach my kampung from the hospital in KL. I’m sure everyone knows what the massage is. To expel wind, ‘kecutkan urat’ and also to get the womb in its rightful place. According to the old folks, the womb might get positioned lower due to the pushing. I seriously don’t know about other moms who also do the urut thingy if they also get the same explanation.

And during all the confinements, the urut lady (also a traditional midwife) would always say that my womb has already contract, ‘softer’and already in place. She would ask if I have already taken any medication for that. I don’t take anything at least after two weeks like my paeditrician's advice, to avoid jaundice. I simply attribute this to breastfeeding, as I exclusively breastfeed. I’m sure breastfeeding moms know that we can feel the contraction a few days after birth during nursing.

The massage is also for breasts, to help inducing milk flow especially for first time moms.

I normally get the pain at the lower back, during the last few weeks of pregnancy right up till after birth. The kind of pain that makes it sometimes awful to just turn in bed, I’m sure some moms have this too. After only two sessions of massage, the pain completely disappears, in my case until the next pregnancy.

I admit that I’m just paranoid. I don’t really trust jamu as some people said nowadays due to mass production etc. some additive such as steroids are added, and am not really keen to take them. I’m ok with certain roots and leaves boiled in water. Two that I take is what the Kelantanese call “Sipe Kederam”, a mixture of manjakani and some other roots. The other is “Mas Cotek”, this one tastes good just like tea. I saw on TV just now an ad about processed “Mas Cotek” in some pre-mix coffee. There is a list of the medicinal benefits of this leaves.

Does this medication work? Again I can’t say for sure as I think after all childbirths, I just feel ok. I take all the medication cause my mom forced me;). Even with that, she nags that I don’t take enough. To me I'm not sick, why should I, but she keeps on saying that the effect is not obvious now but as we get older. I don’t know if my 'benda-benda dalam' (no idea what to call it in English, that mom's words by the way) would be doomed by not taking jamu, I would be happy if someone can convince me that it really is a must. And it is tested and proven, also a suggestion on what and where to get. Sorry if it is too much to ask...hehe!

Will come back with the final part.


Blogger PrettyMommie said...

I think we are the same. I only gain about 10kgs during my pregnancy, and my weight before giving birth is only 49kgs.I have no problem to get back to my pre-pregnancy size, sometimes after a few months, underweight pulak. Macam2 cara dah cuba utk gain weight, tapi tak berapa menjadi.

I pun tak makan sgt makanan dalam pantang ni to avoid jaundice (my previous kids semuanya kena, tapi alhamdulillah, my new baby just at moderate level and no need to be admitted). Actually i ada ambik supplement 2 weeks before his due date. And i think ubat tu berkesan. I'm actually quite surprise when the doc inform me that the baby is free dari 'kuning'.

As for my opinion, what our old folks said are true bcoz "mereka makan garam terlebih dulu dari kita", yang membezakan cuma aktiviti ibu sekarang dan ibu dulu.

11:33 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thanks prettymommie for reminding about old folks makan garam dulu dari kita...that is one reason also I stay put, though I almost begged hubby last week to bring us with him to KL. I'm not even half-way through, but boringnya tak leh cerita.
I'm glad you think that supplement worked for you. All my kids didn't get jaundice, that's why I maintain by not taking anything.

1:38 AM  

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