Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finally, the girls' own beds!

I was pretty sure that I wanted the white Minnen for the the elder girls but the price made Mrs Kedekut cringed, and waited and waited for some money to fall from the sky before deciding to buy.
However, Vikare is always another option. Kind of decided on those extendabale beds as we also already have one, an ugly one made of steel. Was on heavily discounted price during a sale, and as I suspected it was discontinued after that. It is a good bed, pretty strong compared to our rickety wooden queen bed (you figure out why, ok *wink*).

But again, Vikare is also priced about the same.
Until a few hours ago. We were at the Ikea, went there very late just to get out of the house and have a light supper. As always I must go to the As Is to look for some bargain.

Hubby and Bea3 went to the cafe near the check-out while me and the rest headed to As Is. There I saw two Vikare and upon seeing the price, I put on the fighting mode to get them already. There was a young couple with a teenager and elderly lady, inspecting one of them, measuring, discussing. I didn't need all that, just with some expression on my face I kind of persuaded and convinced them that we needed the beds more than they do. Called hubby, he instantly agreed. He surely did as we kind of tired of our current sleeping arrangement.

Before the arrival of Adel, we made do with the ugly extendable bed pushed close to the queen bed. A bit uncomfortable but we were ok that way. And the whole family have been sleeping in the kids room. Instead of letting the kids to 'leave' the parents room, my idea was it might be easier for them if we, one day move out instead. Now it is a bit herrandous, I sleep with Adel in the other room on a single daybed. Sometimes, the girls would look for mama, and other times mama has to go back and fourth during sleepless nights. Not to mention about the nights when they have too much water/drinks, I'm just tired of having to clean the big cover, matress pad and the bedsheet.

I prayed that I didn't have to leave Ikea with only one of them, think the family sensed the "kiasuism" in me, and moved away from the bed. The staff helped us to the check-out, hubby suggested that we made use of the delivery fee to get anything else. He tried to get me to agree with the extendable Norden table (yup, we are still without a proper dining table), but Mrs Undecisive said a firm "No". Besides, it was about 15 minutes to closing time. I'm glad with the delivery service we didn't have to dissemble the beds.

Pic are from the ikea website.

They will be home on Wednesday. Up till now, we still can't decide if the girls are ready to be on their own, or maybe the parents who have the problem;). We will fix the ugly bed to the smallest size, and try to get all the 3 kids beds with the big one in one room (maybe later with a baby cot). Hopefully finally, we will be in the same room again till the girls decided to kick the parents (and the little brother) out of their room...hehe!

The challenge now is to convince Bea3 that the ugly bed is for her, as it comes with guardrails. The elder girls also asked for "Princess" theme for the room *headache*. I would get dizzy with everything in pink!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the price. For the two beds (that need a little cleaning), and two mattresses, it came to RM374, and not even a price of one Minnen, without the mattress. Mr and Mrs Kedekut are on cloud nine! And I could hear from the other room, Bea1 said she loved to have her own bed.

And again, I'm not paid to write this...I'm just a self-claimed Ikea freak!


Blogger Yatie said...

wah .. best nye.i can imagine it...
pink color kan...

10:36 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said... for the kids I hope, not very keen on the Princess thingy as their stuffs are just too expensive. But to keep them to stay on their beds, think I would give in.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous KittyCat said...

Wow, you are a REAL IKEA fan! Will you post pics up? I'd love to see them as I'm lousy at home decor. Btw, my China blog is at - hope you'll visit! So cutelah your Bea2 in the cheong sam and Chinese slippers. Very authentic =)

3:36 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said... me, I'm lousier that's why depends on the Ikea. Will post a pic when I think the room deserves a place in my blog haha. It's been noted, will visit your new blog soon.

3:51 PM  

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