Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A day full of memories

I'm not sure of what to call this, ironic maybe. Reading this entry fromSimon reminded me of Guns N' Roses. I did it yesterday just before signing off from work, I got a little nostalgic, memories came flooding my mind.

I wrote a comment, about how me and a friend found 5 stray kittens near the residential college kitchen, took them home (I mean the room), spent RM20 that was supposed to be for pizza (back then, we could get pizza delivered to our door with that amount) at some veterinary clinic as one of them was just too sick. I named all of them after the 5 members of Guns N' Roses. My friend cringed at that, though. Dizzy died (not Izzy as I wrote in Simon's), and she blamed it for the bad name.

While driving to the babysitter's, my mind wandered and I just could not figure out who that friend was. All I knew, we had been losing contact for a long time. Suddenly, an sms came and i saw a message from another friend, let's call her M, cursing me for being quiet for some time. I called her, we talked and she mentioned that ahe had 'discovered' a long lost friend, J and gave me her number. It was still vague but I thought she was the one.

I just could not wait to talk to her. After fixing dinner, I mean by giving a call to McD Delivery;) I quietly sneaked into the room with only Adel and gave my friend a call.

We were like two teenagers, giggling throughout the conversation. Though little arguments could not be avoided. It has been 13 years, we agreed with that. She cabut to pursue medicine in India during the 3rd year, while I almost made up my mind to stay and take geology. I remember farewell hugs but we didn't really vow to keep in touch. M who works in one hospital found her name in a website, and managed to locate her.

She confirmed she was the one who was dragged to SS2, PJ to look for a clinic for the sick kittens named after G n' R.

We summarised that 13 years of our lives, I'd rather say hers is more interesting, moving from one place to another. She said mine was not so bad, and was surprised that I'm also a doc. Told her, Doktor Batu is nothing compared to the one who saves lives. She said she was ok with the thought of me taking geology, but kind of hard to believe that I had the courage to pursue PhD, become an educator and the most shocking is how fast I 'multiply' (I mean the 4 kids;)).

She now owns a clinic, only about 15 minutes drive away, so of course we have plan to meet up. She is still single, and looking. Told him, I'm sure there are a lot of other single doctors out there, they are just too busy. She argued, saying that the only single doctor she knew was Sheikh, the astronout!

Anyway, back to G n' R, I never thought I would be an avid fan but I remember one afternoon back home in Kelantan. I was listening to Cassey Cassem "American Top 40", Sweet Child of Mine came at number 26 for the year if I'm not mistaken 1986. That was before my brothers influenced me with Sepultura and Sodom;). I bought all of the albums, and since they were the only band that my friends could tumpang listening (ok lah, maybe only a few of their more famous songs), I kind of sticked to them for a while.

And I'd say, I just listened without bothering much about their lyrics sometimes. Now, that makes me wonder, when it comes to a similar situation with my growing kids, how do I explain that. Well, just I just cross the bridge when I reach it.

My friend also reminded me of Kromok, a few local guys who made it big in Sydney during the early 90s. They were a bunch of engineering students in Woolongong Uni. They were famous for a while especially for their Ulek Mayang tune, think I went to one of their gigs in KL. I talked to two of them on a radio interview, that created a huge hooha among my friends. Tried to look for something in the net about them, but nothing is found.

That's a lot of memories in one day.


Blogger bluewonder said...

Guns N Roses??
Was hooked on the band once. How easily we recollect our memories from songs. Esp songs that remind us of our good times.

1:01 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

You too, yes they were just great. It's good to hear their songs once in a while now, it makes the past not too far left behind!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous simontalks said...

ah i remember cromok's image of purity... they studied in NZ, not sydney if i remember correctly.

sodom?! that i not my type la... :)

3:04 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Oh you spell it with a C;)...I can't even remember the right spelling, but I'm pretty sure it's Wolongong, Sydney. My friend went there to further studies there after the guys left, he lepak at their old place. They also left some of their instruments there. Heard this from my friend la, not sure if that's true though;).

1:23 PM  
Blogger allthingspurple said...

Gun n roses, that tells a lot about our era... i always thought that the bands nowadays are not up to par in comparison to those days

anyhow, i love meeting up with long lost best friends. so much to catch up and so much to talk about. missed those carefree days... i cant imagine if we be lucky to ever go back to that carefree feeling ever again.

9:31 AM  

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