Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bit of Snowdonia, Bangor and Nottingham

We managed to squeeze some time between my work during 2 weekends to do little bits here and there, with chance to visit a colleague and friends. Now, I'm sharing a few more of about 3000 pics that we took during the the whole trip.

We just passed Snowdonia on our way to Bangor.

I could only wish we had the time to put up our own tent to join the other holiday-makers.
A pic of Beaumaris Bay as we drove looking for a hotel in Anglesey as we didn't get a room in Bangor.

The look from outside the hotel scared me a bit, but 79 pounds for a room per night was still within our budget. And we were lucky, they allowed us to squeeze in a room, knowing we will be only there to sleep as we spent most of the time at my colleague's place in Bangor.

In front of the City Council Building in Nottingham.

Bea3 and Adel Rayyan in a brand new double stroller, that just got out the box. We got it for 99 pounds from Argos, after 50% discount. A really good deal, we think.

The water from the fountain was really tempting for the the girls. It was still a little cold but the kids didn't seem to care, especially when they looked at other kids got themselves wet.

From the look on her face, Bea1 was trying to get an aproval from me. I was just busy talking to our friends and I knew getting them away from the water would involve a little yelling. With a little prayer, I just let them enjoyed themselves. They'd been strapped in the car for too long anyway.

Thanks to light travelling, we ran out of clothes. While waiting for the laundry, I put on Bea1's nightgown on Bea3 while the other two borrowed some from my friends daughter. Bea3 was delighted to get to finally wear the Cinderella gown, anyway;).

Bea1 and Bea3 were drenched. We went back straight to our friends' place and Alhamdulillah none of them got sick.

That's all for now, we will share more later. It's been almost two months since our return but I would keep on writing about it, maybe till our next trip somewhere else, whenever it will be. This is the only way for me to record things while they are still fresh in mind. Thanks for reading and if you can no longer bear with this, come back again in 2009;).


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