Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Got tagged by moo mommy and later by5xmom again, exactly when I need to vent about househores.

I copy the rules here:1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think youcan survive without helpers and nannies?

Household chores I hate?

1. Ironing- used to hate it but a few years in the PALAPES in the uni built the patience in me and now I'm happily doing it mostly for hubby. I normally choose shirts that need no ironing.

2. Washing plates - got no helper at home, have to but normally I dump everything from breakfast to supper and do in one go. Say if I think I'm not in the mood, I just make sure I remove all remnants of food and run dishes under tapwater and leave them in the sink, so that I don't breed maggots. That's why got two large sinks, one in yard and one in the kitchen;).

3. Drying clothes - it's a matter of shifting the load from washer to dryer and press some buttons only hehe...but I do the sun once a week for those that can't go in dryer.

4. Mopping - most of the time, it's hubby's job as he does it better. All I need to do is making sure floor all nicely swept, and hot water is ready.

5. Dusting - er, we do maybe once a year only.

6. Gardening - we only have one bonsai in that the girls help caring.

General Housekeeping

8.Throwing out garbage - again, that's a man's job

9. Washing toilet - hubby's again!

You see, I have 4 elder sisters and I was never taught to do chores. I only started to cook when I got married, but that thing with mopping with hot water, I learned that in McDonalds while doing parttime job long time ago.

Anyway, we just hire a parttime helper, and she only did one visit so far. And now, since I'm in mini-confinement after the miscarriage, people have been telling me not to lift my finger on anything yet. The house is a total mess now, and I hope I can survive that till thursday when my cleaner is free to work. Anyway, that does not bother hubby and kids at all.

Can I do without helper? If that means live-in helper, sure I can. But as for parttime, I may ask her to come twice weekly, think both of us really need the break!


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